Beanie Sigel Admits To Tax Evasion

Bad news keeps coming for Beanie Sigel. Yesterday in a Philadelphia Federal Court, he admitted that he didn’t file or pay taxes from 2003 through 2005. He faces up to three years behind bars and will be sentenced November 18th.


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  • Sam I Am

    if Beans goes back to jail, he’ll just have proved Jay right all along

  • wow

    “i tried to teach nigaz tabe kings and all they ever wanted ta be was soldiers”

  • wow

    and how ironic Jay just topped the Forbes Hip Hop List… smh

  • Lucaz

    And Dame in tax trouble to Smh. These niggas ain’t learn shit being around Biggs or Jay huh?!?!?

  • FTW

    Damn… The old heads tell me that music is haraam because no good comes from it. They say music appeals to our base tendencies and all musicians eventually fall consumed by the dunya. The old heads say there aren’t any happy endings dealing with the kafirun and what’s haraam. I can’t call it, but I’m starting to think they may have a point.

  • Ben

    Damn Jay why you wont help him out! I know he is his own man but still.

  • Hip Hop Head

    Biggs got indicted for some type of marijuana drug ring last year or the some shit so the only mufuckas winnin from Roc-A-Fella is The Throne.

    #HipHopWontDie #EVER

  • mac DIESEL





  • JohnBlack

    Niggas love Jail!

  • uhuh

    for all you youngin’s dreamin of being a rapper someday, think twice. finish school.

  • benzo550

    @lucaz you must not of heard but biggs was caught up in a drug ring last year so he got his own issues!

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    “Beans I ain’t tryin to change you just give you some game to make the transition, from the street to the fame”— JAY-Z.

  • @ Lucaz

    Biggz has been locked up for like the past year I believe.

    Smh damn I was looking forward to some new Beans music too. Regardless of his troubles,dude is still 1 of the hardest spitters I ever heard.

  • 88

    this nigga needs to drop some type of album/mixtape/ep or something quick.. cause if he gets convicted.. smh, he will be mystikal status in 2014….

  • Converse

    Beans were sign to Rocafella and he didnt hire a accountant? damn thats crazy dope rapper but he dug his own grave

  • Black Shady

    I dont feel bad AT ALL for these rappers. all these Buck and Beans ass niggas…..get ur shit right

  • Brutally honest

    @uhuh , I co-sign you statement, but it’s even harder now for people with Master Degrees to get jobs at this present day in our nation’s economy . Beans, is someone who whats to appeal to the “hood” ; all Jay to trying to show what how to elevate himself from a rapper on the corner to a businessman in a corporate boardroom. Ask me this why is the whole State Prop (if not half) not doing bad. Chris has a deal with Usher’s producer, “Rico Love” . Freeway is killing the mixtape/indie game right now. They were observant watching Jay’s power moves , are they in the wrong because they didn’t follow Beans lead ? ….. No !!! because they’re there own men at the end of the day. Beans is the general to that crew, he should’ve been setting great examples to his soldiers and he dropped the ball due to his antics outside of rap (The Roc The Mic tour shooting incident) .

  • Q-Flip

    yeah he didnt pay taxes cuz he didnt want to support the war in afghanistan and iraq and didnt want to give the government money for killing poor people…i dont see whats wrong with that…and cuz of that he must go to jail??? america is a fucked up place!

  • Q-Flip

    yeah he didnt pay taxes cuz he didnt want to support the war in afghanistan and iraq and didnt want to give the government money for killing poor people…i dont see whats wrong with that…and cuz of that he must go to jail??? america is a fucked up place!

  • Subaru

    look at Choke No Joke in the white shirt.

  • Matt Maestro

    check out the creep in the background bert-starin.

  • Da Truthhhhhhh

    Beans is finished .

  • Da Truthhhhhhh

    Dame is toast too

  • stressfree27

    i guess thats jays fault too huh beans?

  • Lucaz

    Damn I didn’t know Biggs was on some shit to. Smh, what a waste.. Im a working class citizen and I don’t dare fuck around with the IRS. These niggas should be embarrased.


    NEVER GO AGAINST THE ILLUMINATI… he was almost killed in a car crash(TRACTOR TRAILER RAN HIM OFF THE ROAD) like a month after his jay-z disses. he now has tax evasion. same way they got AL COPONE. my point is those people know how 2 get u.

  • Where is your Otis freestyle beans? dont have access to studio? Damn! where are your mixtapes.AWWW your buzz is dwindling is sad and JAil is inevitable for this kid.The music industry eating souls wow!

  • Clipz

    i feel bad for jay & kanye…games gonna takover the game

    watch the thrones era is already over

    RIP The Throne

  • smh

    man.. beans is gone.. and people knock niggas like jay for leaving that hood life.. bitch please.. its all about progression..


    “Why I love you” playing as I read this post…

    @B.Dot you have a gift to placing the most appropriate pictures with a post…its rap radar brilliance….too bad YN kills it wit his propaganda

  • Aj

    Beanie Sigel >> jay z

  • youweirdos

    smmfh @ this Pic … shit aint cool Mack!!

  • Subaru

    just notice Charli Baltimore in the picture in front of choke no joke

  • Puerto-Black

    *sigh* Damn Mac. Could’ve been the new Scarface. Wasted Talent.

  • Wesley Aikens

    It is not over yet Dwight email me at [email protected] and send me your contact info and I will explain to you how I can clear up your tax issue. Not only yours I can clear Damon Dash backtax issue also. So get at me and lets get the IRS off your back.