Boaz Covers Pittsburgh City Paper

Boaz puts on for his city on the cover of this week’s edition of the Pittsburgh City Paper. Below is an excerpt, but the entire feature is available to read here.

“I’m trusting [I’ll] get more recognition,” he says. “I’m trusting that it will inspire people to want to have me in their town performing live for them. I’m trusting that it will allow me to afford a means for my family. I’m hoping to have a lengthy career — I’m not just looking to come up with a smash hit and cash out on y’all. I wanna ride this out and have the best career I can.”

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  • anon

    the pittsburgh city paper? really? who gives a flying fuck

  • RN (Real Nigga)

    more blogger dick riding… BOAZ been doing his thing before mac miller, wiz khalifa and the rest of those half homo niggas out there. and he’s actually better than the rest of them dudes too.

  • thegoddj


  • Another Burgh victory……we ALLLLL coming soon! Shouts to BOAZ and the G.O.V family…..keep winning dog. All in due time Bo’

  • James


  • A1

    Bo Bey is that dude! Been putting it down for years…. GOV is the shit.

  • Get ready for Bo!