• imsohiphop

    this that crack

  • dj khaled is a ………..

    why are all rappers obsessed with gangsters and drug dealers

    their like lil kids

  • Product of Chicago

    When did Tyga get nice? I’m been sleeping on dude…they should make a version of Tony Montana taking one of Future’s verses off and adding this with Drake’s

  • Drake ready to kiss that nigga and tiger is like lay a big fat on me with his eyes all closed and shit

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  • fuk waka

    this guy gettin better as time goes… gotta watch out

  • I swear rappers these days be like “tag, you’re it!” with the most random of beats and trends. This beat isnt even hot and the song wasnt even nice, yet everybody wants to jump on.

  • TheChosenOne

    Ya’ll are too funny for the pic. It looks like these dudes are about to kiss. LMMFAO

  • the finishline

    Tyga got nice, are u serious? Dude been ill, ppl hate cause he with ymcmb!
    He’s truly an emcee, caught in the politics though. Got make that weezy drake nicki music & ride the wave, but he won’t for some reason.

  • DJAR

    that ukranian/cranium line was illlllll, tyga killing it!

  • jonnyfaceoff

    Weezy need 2 give tyga the push he gave drake & nicki

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  • Aj PLO

    Jawhn tuff `

  • Aj PLO

    All good do it Biggie gravy plate me baby born I look so Asian
    All my bitches early 80’s; 80’s swag speed racer through my shades I see yo fakeness uh…
    Hoes gone be hoes can’t save a fucking bithces simotaneous
    Albanian, Israeli, Panamanian, Ukrainian
    Giving dome top cranium ha…