The Weeknd Featured On Drake’s Take Care

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Still conversing with Billboard backstage at OVO Fest, Drake says that not only will The Weeknd make multiple appearances on his sophomore set, but the fellow Toronto native also served as a major inspiration.

“Not only did he inspire me to get out there and sing better on stage, he inspired me writing wise, music wise, just to better my product. He’s on my album a lot. We really collaborated a lot on this album.”

Take Care on October 24.

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  • BG

    I thought Take Care was supposed to be primarily a rap album? So much for that.

  • Donn

    Why do ppl want Drake to be a rap box. The dude is talented. If you dont like it then dont listen. Let artists be artists and experiment and grow.

  • Shade

    Wasn’t this confirmed like weeks ago?…

    @BG: Take Care is going to be “primarily” a MUSIC album.

  • James Allen

    Cant wait!!! I’m a big Drake fan. Take Care > Carter 4.

    #Take Care Bitches

  • Aj

    Drake is a talentless bitch like jay z kanye big sean and wale.

  • CJ

    Niceee! OVOXO all day! I fuck with The Weeknd hard

  • James Allen

    Haterz gonna hate

    #Take Care Bitches

  • Paps

    Frank Ocean >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> featured singer than the weeknd

  • JHP

    Headlines is at #2 on itunes right now, if it can keep that up and get some radio play going then it’ll definitely be the kinda first single Drake needs, and Marvin’s Room was a hell of a buzz single, with I’m On One deserving of credit too. With artist like Stevie Wonder & The Weeknd on deck, Take Care will probably be a very dope body of music, hopefully in the vein of So Far Gone. If he can drop a monster 2nd single as well, than he’s doing another 400k-500k easy. OVOXO Nigga!

  • Zo

    If Drake wasn’t affiliated with Weekend, RR wouldn’t know, care or like dude.
    If Wayne wasn’t affiliated with Drake, RR wouldn’t know, care or like dude.

  • JustMyOpinion

    Can’t believe tpeople ake this dude serious as a rapper. Especially, when people say shit like “he’s a good rapper, he can sing.” *Ed lover face* C’mon son.

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  • TakeCare

    hes on Headlines you can hear him on the parts when drakes singing

  • still best rite now!!

    aka he wrote a couple ballads for me on the album

  • The Weeknd is good but to have a lot of features on the album is not the best way to go. Agree w/ @BJ Drake said it’s going to be a rap album? Guess not SMH


  • God

    How many times are we going to get this news?

  • Jaymalls

    Kanye set the BLUEPRINT for these niggas **Elbow pointed @ Drake*** Who was getting these white niggas on all there songs to fill out the harmonies and guitar solos n shit.On another note: Yake Hare is gonna b a Good Album, sonically!

  • Loaded

    40 should sample To care (Like You) by James Blake for the intro shit is perfect for Take Care

  • THe TrutH

    The Weeknd (Abel Tesfaye) is an amazing artist that will soon hit the spotlight and outshine all these fake auto-tuned R&B singers. His dark style of R&B singing with carefully selected samples will soon win all you over, what i mean to say is JUMP ON THE BANDWAGON NOW U MOTHAFUKAS!!!!! THE WEEKND IS GONNA EXPLODE AND ALL UR GFs WILL BE GETTIN OFF TO HIS MUSIC!!!!!!!!!!! XO

  • Aj

    Real niggas dont have girlfriends, they just get pussy.

  • Converse

    Wow? more crying about fame and one night stands? SMH dude is GARBAGE, what else is their left for him too rap about? O yeah I guess thats why he hasbeen singing so much lately? too throw us off and hide the fact he has limited topics to rap about? and when I say limited I mean 3: money, bitches, and fame haha you niggas about to buy Tml all over again? SMH

    Take Care bitches

    And I hope its a female saying that gay shit? and if not you niggas needed a Dad in your life lmaoo

  • Sean don

    Why is Drake on rapsite?

  • KoldKase

    Drakes been doin his thing lately

    Are you kiddin me wale, jay, big sean, and kanye have no talent…..


  • Leaked Music

  • The Cold Darkness

    Who is the Weekend? Is he a gay pop singer? Wheelchair Jimmy never will be the Queen of pop. Wayne is the Queen.

    Where are they now?

  • Me

    I wish i gave my watch the throne album to some less priviledge nigga out there…#take care.

  • So Icy Boiǃ

    Im bak snitchez

  • So Icy Boiǃ

    Watch da thong gon flop hard… Ferrary Boyz 1 milli first week bitchez BURRRR

  • So Icy Boiǃ

    Ferrari Boyz da best album of 2012. dose Lex Lugar hard beatz r raw….Gooch killed da mic. mah nigga Waka too. dis iz da best Hip Hop duo of all time! real talk snitchez

    1 MILLI first week. no duobt. yeaaahhhh

    Yo, Im fresh outta off jail. Im back…. mah debut album “Money, Cars & Hoes” commin sooon. BURRR

  • So Icy Boiǃ

    @The Cold Darkness fuck you nigguh! Drake betta den yo fav rappas fav rappa. Fuck yo city Chicago. Chicago da worst place in da world. Fuck Chicago…. yo heros Common & Kanye r talneltles snitchez….

    New york (waka was born dere) >>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Chicago what a wack city
    ATL >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Chicago

  • So Icy Boiǃ

    @Aj fuck u too fagget. u fucken suburban white boi. Im a real gangsta from da streets. I put my AK74 to yo mouth biatch. fucken virgin boi… smh… real niggaz hav girfriend AND get pussy. swag

  • iHate


  • In a nutshell…Drake will bite The Weeknd’s style for this album, just as he bit Big Sean’s flow for the 1st…He’s learning from his mentor Wayne; to bite the hand that feeds you, material.

  • Aj

    @ So Icy Bitch, real niggas dont be on no mushy stuff fag. Fuckin faggot liking Drake. Did you drop the soap in jail faggot?

  • So Icy Boiǃ

    @Aj yo girfriend dreamin about Drake. fag… i was in jail 3 times. u know nothin about hard life. fucken suburban white boi. swag