Joell Ortiz On His The Throne Comments

Earlier this week, Joell Ortiz’ Twitter timeline was filled with  negative critiques on Watch The Throne and disturbing tweets towards its fans. During Royce Da 5’9”’s visit on Sway In The Morning, they called Joell who says the tweets were not by him and that he has yet to listen to the album in full. #nohate

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  • Aj

    And if he did, so ??? Not like it wouldnt be the truth. Jay z and kanye are wack.

  • Ya Boy G

    And so are you troll.

  • idontlikefakes

    Jay and kanye havent said much about the project before or after hyped it up or anything its the blogs and bloggers which are doing all the bitching while their sitting back laughing making money

  • nas – goat

    the album it´s pretty bad so he shouldn´t be ashamed

  • smelly bum

    Jay and kanye havent said much about the project before or after hyped it up or anything its the blogs and bloggers which are doing all the bitching while their sitting back laughing making money money

  • Aj

    @ Ya Boy G, oh Im sorry, did I upset you talkin your boyfriends gay z and bumye west. Im sorry, I apologize. I apologize for yall being some faggot ass bitches.

  • smelly bum

    i like it

  • ele

    Sways on they sack

  • Donn

    Hmm? A few negative Blog comments compared to the 500,000 ppl who bought it and the millions of other ppl who will buy it when it hits stores. You do the math. No one cares about your critiques lol

  • dreone

    it doesnt matter if it was dope or good…he could give his opinion..i do feel like since jay and ye got power they do shit thats normal but make it seem epic because of who they are…and whats up with jay talkin about swag? is he serious how dare he make a comment like “i invented swag” WTF!!
    he follows kanyes lead on everything…

  • ppppp

    slaughterhouse is signed to shady…… their album is going to come out generic and 3 years too late…

  • Post no billz

    Ye is chillin.. jay is chillin.. aj is trollin..


    Bumye West? At least be clever when you hate.

  • RoeLuv

    Have these rappers wish their albums was everybody’s tongue like WTT is. Love it or Hate it, Ye & Hov are making the lanes bigger for all rappers to drive in.

  • what

    so what? hes telling the truth. WATCH THE THRONE is the wackest shit i have ever heard from these two guys and definitely the biggest letdown of this year. 5 9’s and marshall’s album is a classic next to that garbage WTT.

  • Brahsef

    I mean I can understand how people wouldn’t like Lift Off, but other than that the CD is crack. It sounds like no other hiphop CD out. Jay and Ye change the game again.

  • what


  • raw rap

    “I just feel like the throne is for the taking”

  • Aj

    @ post no billz, get yo lame ass outta here boy. Ye is chillin jay is chil yo lame ass. You ugly for that boy. @LBDI I, I dont hate kanye and jay z. They have never harmed me or my family. Maybe my ears, but thats not a big deal. Why would you say I hate them. Hate is a strong word. And bumye is clever, what else would I say? It dont get no clever than that stupid.


    No info on Slaughterhouse lately? Man, bring it on and give us a little scoop already.


    Yeah. It sucks to lose to a fucking EP. Right, Ye? Right, Jay?

  • vale

    maybe platinum first week .. crazy sales because of the ” here . take 30.000 $ and don´t leak my shit ” but still average album .. jay & ye changed the game with this shit ? that´s actually sad

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  • damone

    At AJ and the other haters I love that Jay and Ye ain’t for everybody they raps go over u young people heads… and don’t say u ain’t no hater because u always the first comment on everything Jay that gets posted get a life son. Way y’all mad. Ye was right watch the throne drop the haters come out. Go listen to Young Money… How to love and baby flow… I got that heat pat Reilly… I’m rare Mr t with hair… get out of here.

  • Word

    Yall dickriding niggas act like nobody can have a negative opinion on the album without being deemed a hater. Even if Ortiz did say that shit, so the fuck what. Yall act like these niggas untouchable Gods. Album was good but not next level shit. I’ve heard better albums this year…shit, better mixtapes too.

  • Da Truthhhhhhh

    Niggas don’t want to battle man, I mean i real Battle not that bullshit Screaming like drill sgt’s Smack shit , I’m talking Skill Vs Skill, who can describe themselves metaphorically speaking.

  • Da Truthhhhhhh

    A Real*

  • Da Truthhhhhhh

    And Kanye went harder than Jay on the Throne album. So Jay needs to really Retire Rapping this time with out a retiring album.

  • Da Truthhhhhhh

    Not hopping on ye bandwagon but if you let kanye out do you its time to sit down.

  • Aj

    @ Word, you are right, and people on here have actually said Jay Z is God. They actually put Jay z = God.

  • Power

    Its Slaughterhouse time Jigga Boo, you waited too long to acknowledge the best MC’s now you cant punch your way out of a wet paper bag wit scissors in your hand!!!!!!

  • wickwickwack

    i wish they would take that album and redo most production
    most tracks are either overproduced or just wack

    they should release the vocals and let some producers show their talent

    and joell …stop hiding behind a laptop …stand by your fucking opinion

  • sway-z

    Nigga know he said it, so just admit it, what’s the problem? It’s your opinion to like it or not, but that won’t stop them niggas from doing what they doing, and vice versa.

    Them niggas chopping up Maybachs in they video, I’m sure they don’t give a fuck one way or the other what Joell Ortiz, me, you, or anybody else thinks, and that’s why it’s hot in the first place.

  • get bucks

    Rick Ross and Lil Wayne collabo album would be dope if John is any indication.

  • RoeLuv

    Co-sign Sway Z- that’s all I’m saying, Joell own up to the shit, stop with the “other people tweet from my account” bullshit. At least he didn’t go the “I got hacked” route.

  • Sudija


  • uhuh

    fuck ross. drizzy is collaborating with wayne

  • Converse

    Nobody in the industry has the balls to do say what 9th wonder said? If you like it thats cool but if you dont you get no respect

    Sn: What the fuck were these niggas thinking destroying a maybach? Wouldnt they get more if it wasnt total? Charity or not that some Ignorant shit

  • damone

    Wow Jay just get sooo much hate I love it YALL mad he yje best huh. I hate that are people have such a crab mentally. WTT HATERS

  • damone

    Aj get a life always posting hate on Jay… I bet that Game huh.

  • Jaymalls

    AJ is a lil pussy nigga from wisconsin that has no friends and types bullshit in the c-section so he could get a response. That shit is the highlight of his day…. cant wait till school start back up for this bitch nigga.

  • Your mother’s “friend”

    SMH the fact that so many rappers/producers(most of them wack) feel a certain way about Watch the Throne reaffirms it’s greatness .These niggas need to look in the mirror & use some of these critiques on themselves … Otis is number 11 on the charts & climbing as we speak how is that not a positive for modern day hip hop . Its a shame because WTT is actually opening the door for people like Joel & 9th wonder but of course they’re too stupid/selfish/jealous to see that

  • Duke Sidewalker

    WTT < SECTION 80

  • Damn, I need a job. Im on here all day. Anyways, Jay z is the best. And kanye is just powerful. I would let kanye fuck my boyfr I mean girlfriend if he asked. But damn, I need a job. My momma about to kick me out. She said I cant stay here no more as long as I got this gay ass screen name. I wont change it so male escort service it is.

  • Negrito

    Watch the Throne is hot! It aint classic yet, but its a dope album. Niggaz mad and reckless…lmao

  • Who cares? And @ damone? Is somebody trying to tell us something?? Huh? Come on, we wont judge you.

  • Power

    Affion crockett show on Fox This SUNDAY 9pm

  • Not surprised on the hate comments this week since the album drop. WTT is a dope album, IYou know what makes it great besides the music? The fact that people have such an opinion on the album. You never see this type of shit with Ross, Wayne and Gucci ETc, Ortiz don’t give a fuck about them dudes, but he cares that “The Throne” is on top he’s not hating he’s bothered by his biggest competition lol. GTFO

  • JHP

    Jesus Christ could drop an album, and yall would probably hate on it too. Lift Off may be weak, the rest of the album is dope. No Church, New Day, Murder To Excellence, etc. this album is on some next level shit, I just don’t understand yall. Yall niggas tryna dismiss the album, as if it’s the Flocka/Gucci one or something. Oh well doesn’t matter, it’s still gonna sell like crazy, and respected critics like Pitchfork gave it an 8.5. So just accept the things you can’t change! #IllestMotherFuckerAlive

  • Ben

    ^yeah but they get more hate than Gayz

    wtt 2.5/5

  • ride

    ^^ respected critics like Pitchfork ? please ..

    WTT was disappointing

  • Aj

    Ace hood’s Go and Get It shits on Watch The Throne. Go and Get it go hard as hell. And its relatable. What you do when you got 7 days to move out, Go and Get it, Go and Get it. Real shit.

  • Coroner

    WTT is wack as a Hip-Hop album… Jay and Kanye hardly rap on it, and they’re flow is boring…

  • Coroner

    WTT is wack as a Hip-Hop album… Jay and Kanye hardly rap on it, and their flow is boring…

  • benzo550

    men lie women lie numbers dont number 1 on itunes in 23 countries! now is that wack!

  • edg

    Shit was lame, 3 good songs at most….theres so much better hiphopout there you ignorant fucks..they had there run back in the days…go listen to section 80….instead of watching them.burn a maybach…those dudes are a peice of shit…

  • t

    the throne could of been monumental for hip hop but they took totally the wrong direction
    its going to be forgotten quicker then the hyped lasted

  • mac DIESEL




  • haq

    wtt is gayer then hoe butt’n

  • The Light

    @Brahsef, “Jay and Ye change the game again”??? you serious??? the album isnt bad but it also isnt good, it changed N-to-the-O T H I N G !

  • Iam2smooth

    8.5/10 = production
    9.5/10 = lyrics
    10/10 = creative

    WTT = 9.5/10

  • Da Truthhh


  • Dale

    The only thing good about “WTT” is the production. The entire album is recycled rhymes. Half the tracks on this shit start off biting someones else shit, whatever happened to having something original to say? These two, as far as “mainstream” is concerned, are supposed to be on top of their game, but what’s the message here? “We can drop anything on wax and it’ll sell, fuck trying, these fools would buy a tape of us sleeping.” Tell me they didnt say that shit when they were recording this. Jay actually says “planking on a million”….fuck outta here….

  • Suckafree

    It’s a good album but it’s far from it being a classic…..the expectations are just so high for those two that mediocre just doesn’t cut it.

  • steems

    ALbum was amazing, u might have to listen and pull out your google app to understand whats really being said but its a classic. real rap. and who da hell is Joel artiz, and who cares about his bum ass opinion……………..Steems

  • Me

    Lets have a honest opinion that album was whack or at most average…im suprised niggaz saying that shit is on some classic level.i just listened to it once didnt like it twice,three times and still dont like it…the album is boring with no replay value.

  • Me

    That album has a 0.1 replay value…i tried to like it but i couldnt and i wasnt xpecting a classic or something but i was still let down on my low xpectation…i still play graduation and american gangstar till this day and enjoy it…watch the throne is just an average album only the name those niggaz got b4 is sellin that shit,

  • Masta Ace

    What a fag shots then claims he didn’t lmao pussy ass nigga


    OH shit slaughterhouse fans all over this fucking site hahahaha

  • Dion da Don

    I was hype when I first heard WTT, now after a few more listens its OK. I know what these Slaughterhouse niggas talking bout tho, drop a classic or STFU.

  • Jimster

    RapRadar is fulled to the brim with Jay and Ye dickriders. Someone is a hater just because he or she has an opinion?! Man, fact of the matter is, these dudes could hum on a track for 5 minutes and you guys would buy into that shit. Oh, wait. Kanye already did that with Runaway.

  • Converse

    ^lmfao he really did! smfh

  • BUNK

    Aj is a bitch… Chicago Cream Puff!!! WTT really is on some next level shit…wouldn’t expect the average Ricky retardo to understand this shit… Fucking morons!!!

  • bgreat

    i see niggas mad cause they chopped up a maybach…lol you serious?? let me remind you lames that they did buy it with they’re money so they can do what the f*ck they want i mean it does belong to them …dam now that’s hate dude chopped up a car he bought but the broke nigga mad cause he can’t as far as aj i dont even know why niggas entertain this bum lame a** nigga once you mention waka and gucci being better than anyone all your comments are ignored

    and who the f*ck is slaughterhouse i mean dam the name is corny as hell some meat packing rap group talking sh*t make a album that sale first i hear niggas talk about section 80 how many albums did that sale by the way sorry faggots… but if the album is good no matter who makes it the thing will sale who was jay-z when biggie and pac was out….just another rapper that nigga made good music people bought it period you dont like who the f*ck cares numbers talk WTT #1 in 23 countries i dont care about your lame a** replay value thats in yo sh*t apparently its higher in other niggas