Nas Gets “Nasty” At Central Park

Don’t ask us who the other people are on stage, but the guy in the fatigue bucket and white T is Nasir as he recites “Nasty” and “Made You Look” during his and Damian Marley’s show at SummerStage yesterday in Central Park.


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  • SoundScan

    Queens… of the goats…1

  • Black Shady

    Hip Hop still needs that Em/Nas collabo!!!!

  • HK

    real hip hop

  • BRu973

    It’s sad the rap game is the way it is…this is the REAL best MC left, but Pop Culture has brainwashed the minds to focus on success & numbers as the bar for greatness. Cats don’t talk GOAT off pure Mic Skills anymore…the only guys that can even be in that convo are Biggie, Nas & Rakim…Jay Z is a great rapper, but he can’t outspit any of those legends & a few others G Rap, Pun, Big L, Kane, etc…

  • la main

    They ain/t nothing close in HipHop to NAS playing the PARK

    MSG that ain/t HH but live in central park is 100% the bomb

    MAn i remember when he had the beff by jay-z an droped ether in central park maybe 5 years ago

    They went ballistic. for nas

    Nas does the best live shows in New york sumer after summer

    This is the summer jam of real HH period

  • la main

  • la main

  • la main

    The show above is from 2007
    It is now in the book of legends
    As the greatest Hip hop show of all time
    I remember Raekwon and rza where supposed to play with nas that day
    but the crowed where so crazy chef never made it to the stage. Word

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  • Da Truthhh


  • dwight

    The king of hiphop

  • mixmusicpro

    lmaooo at askin who everyone else is on stage…. in my tony touch voice thats Bravehearts stupid !!
    u don’t see Jungle ?!?!?

  • Dum fucs

    Dude to the left is his brother…and got real goons in the back…ya tu sabe!

  • A BawSe iS oNe thaT Guarantees We Gon’ Eat

    Uh-oh.Nasty Nas is back.

  • RRcoolJ

    Nas is one of the dopest ever but you have to admit his stage show doesn’t even come close to Jay’s. He misses so many words and sometimes forgets entire verses. Hov hits every single mark and has breath control for days.

    Not riding or anything, just a factual observation from a fan of both guys.

  • ^^^ I’d have to agree with u there, i’ve seen it many times – Hov is a master on stage, Nas is hit or miss — both have great catalogs though, may never see another with as much longevity and hits as them –

  • Musiq Stylz

    Every hip hop artist is a worker including jay-z. Nasir is a boss outside if hip hop…Guerilla Union LOL!

  • rahrahrah

    “Burner at the side of your dome, come out of my throne”

    Had to be away from the east cost, sorry I missed this performance. As I was packing that night I thought about how tired I would be for my a.m. flight, I made the right decision, but damn that looked like a tight performance.

  • Ekiti

    This arsehole is still saying Hip Hop is dead?????????

    SMH! Nigga get with the programme.

  • lob

    @ musiq stylz , jay-z owns the masters of all his previous and futures album beside reasonable doubt which he shares with dame and biggs, so he is as a far as it gets from being a worker in music.

  • dannyboy

    Dude to the left is his brother…and got real goons in the back…ya tu sabe!

    ye jungle still aint left the hood. i always see clips of people in queensbridge and jungle always pops up with mad diamonds on and shit.

  • InsideI’m Ice, Outside I’m Lava!!

    Nas and 50 should make that collabo album I think it will bring the best out of them

  • InsideI’m Ice, Outside I’m Lava!!

    Nas and 50 should make that collabo album I think it will bring the best out of them!

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    Nas is boss, Nas is a G.O.A.T., Nas is a grandmaster.

  • Da Truthhhhhhh

    @RRcoolJ Jay-Z forgot lines and verse’s too in his career. Nas is not a Boss type , Good MC but sucks as a CEO


    His homies look like bums…not a good look Nasir

  • check out Trap Boy Shit By King Castro

  • Brutally honest

    @Music Stylez , “Guerilla Union” who say my good man !!!!! , well no one knew he owned that until Kelis exposed that in their divorce proceedings . My friend & i had a conversation about Nas a two days ago, how he’s a great artist; but can’t move like a boss. You can’t scream “Immma Boss !!!” but send an e-mail to your label ; whining on way they won’t put out one of your concept albums . You’re “Nas” put that joint out through itunes yourself , through your own company, “The Jones Experience”

    * Sidenote : Dang Jungle (Nas’s brother in red hat ) & Nashawn (Nas’s cousin in red sunglasses) must be glad their related to Nasir, because they would probably both be broke and starving in QB !!!!

  • Chris

    King of Queens, thrones don’t need to be watched

  • ripper

    Real hiphop at its best

  • This song is so Hip Hop reminds me of Djing in the parks in the Bronx. Break Dancing too.

    _Hit Me For BEATS

  • mistahmistah

    there’s no way you can look tough, dancing behind the only guy with the mic. SMH

  • Truth

    Rapping over his vocals…. NEXT!

  • Musiq Stylz

    How many of you people talking about Nas not being a boss are actually a boss or on any level as successful as Nasir Olu Dara Jones? People in glass houses should NEVER throw stones. Jay-z wll be an employee of Live Nation for the next 8 years. Nas has put out music on his own labels Ill Will & the Jones Experience on the Distant Relatives album he also put his music out on Sun Knight and his daughter, Destiny executive produced Stillmatic. Just like you didn’t know about Guerilka Union, I’m sure there are more things you don’t know about pertaining to Nas…Nas was never one to reveal his business. “Real bosses move in silence.”-Nas

  • Anelka

    @brutally ignorant oops, i meant honest, wat concept album u talking abt, wat fucking letter u talking abt? last time i checked, Nas signed a 3 album deal with Defjam, HHID, NIGGER has dropped and Lifes good is on d way. BTW, not everybody makes bragging n flossing as crux of their music, u prolly wr one of d ignoramuses shouting Nas is broke, blah, blah until his divorce showed otherwise, nah mean. Guerilla Union, all d Cribs, alll the cars, etc. nuff said.

    @Musiq stylz, these peeps to small minded to recognize. real bosses move in silence, cosign.

  • jake

    HIP HOP!

  • Dum fucs

    “Real bosses move in silence.”-Nas CO FUCKIN SIGNS !!!

  • Chris

    King shit!

  • Perodin

    My video

  • Arbie

    HOW CAN YOU DENY THIS? I don’t get the industry today.