New Music: Glasses Malone “211”

Due to sampling issues, this track will not be featured on Glasses Malone’s August 30th release. Break it down Mr. Malone.

“The song ’211′ was meant for the ‘Beach Cruiser’ album, but there wasn’t enough time to clear the samples. The song represents the West, where I’m from and pays homage to music I grew up listening to, so I had to get it out to the fans. I’m rapping over classic beats from Snoop Dogg, Ice Cube and Westside Connection. It doesn’t get more West Coast than that.”

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  • Aj

    That rob a nigga music. 211 187. Yeah Nigga.

  • b. morgan

    wes wes ya’ll

  • Anon DCPL

    classic beats.



  • smelly bum

    this guys time has passed

  • wickwickwack

    gangsta rap starting to sound like kanye
    even worse they starting to dress like andre

    now thats funny

  • petey wheatstraw (@K1NGPETEY)

    new music from lurch the butler

  • DJ Game

    how much time do you need to clear the sample? because your album was suppose to originally come out in 2008.

  • Aj

    @ wickwickwack, actually maybe kanye just sounds like gangsta because he not gangsta and really has no street shit to rap about so he just rambles on about a bunch of random shit.

  • Steinvice

    I need help with all those sample hook me up

  • wickwickwack

    @ Aj
    that quote doesnt mean kanye is gangsta, neither a shot at him
    i doubt glasses meant that

  • Aj

    @ wickwickwack, oh I get it now. Actually, I didnt listen to the song yet and I thought that was something u said. But its in the song. Yeah, he right. These niggas wearing tight ass jeans and shit.

  • HK


  • tr

    lmao…it would cost an insane amount of money to clear all those samples.

  • Paulcambridge

    Hearing that older WC beat brought back memories….. Of me 2 weeks ago, bumping that shit hard!!! Classic beats on this track, and glasses is the perfect guy to spit on them (minus the origin.)