The Asian Adventures Of B.o.B (Pt. 4)

안녕하세요 That is hello in case you ain’t know. As Bobby Ray continues his Asia takeover, the Motion Family shares some footage from his recent stop in Seoul, Korea.

Previously: Pt. 1 l Pt. 2 l Pt. 3 

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  • JustMyOpinion


    This dude made people thought they were buying a rap album. Negative, instead you got a host of singing.

  • Hater!!

  • Converse

    why would you think his debut lp was going to be a rap album? when all of his biggest songs that were realese was hippop?

    no genre>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  • DIGGSY!!!


  • Some of you guys are so fucking ungrateful!! B.o.B gave you guys 7 free thats right 7 free mixtapes the least you can do is support his album!!

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  • 안녕은개뿔

    안녕하세요? 안녕은 개뿔… 랩 레이더 놈들아! 철 좀 들어라!

    이 사이트에 좀 미친것들 많아