• why wasnt i invited? huh? huh? huh?

  • dev

    honestly I think Jay-Z is too scared to go on a just blaze beat. its OK tho Hov mean while underground rappers are killing them

  • JustMyOpiinion

    ^ Where do your facts derive?

  • Mooney

    @Dev, Nigga Just Blaze Produced Kingdom Come For Jay, nigga get your facts correct lol.

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  • MIL

    It should be a crime that there was no Just Blaze on WTT. A fucking crime.

  • Lucaz

    Scared of a just blaze beat? Half of Hov career is on his beats. Y’all gotta chill man lol

  • Inside I’m ICE, Outside I’m LAVA!

    why do ppl just stand around and look at the celebs, as if they were just gonna take their dick out and say “here this is what i fuck my wife with”

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  • Just Blaze is nothing more than an adequate beatmaker, he is nowhere near as skilled or as musical as Kanye or half these other producers out here. Go and listen to his beats again and tell me how many EPMD rip-offs he has in his catalog. Just gets by with his Hov co-signs, not with his talent, and Jay knows that which is why there is NOTHING from Just on WTT. Q-Tip & RZA are light years ahead of Just.

  • Black Shady

    Just’s I REALLY MEAN IT >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  • Thanks for posting my video. 🙂

  • KinGFML

    niggas trippin. aint too many cats out fuckin with JB’s catalog

  • daman

    @BC-TW i think u got it confused bro, not too many can fuck with Just Blaze, have you heard his recent shit? Have you heard exhibit c by jay elec? wichita by xv? or far away by marsha ambrosius? Just is def one of the best.

  • Mou

    what is the last song?

  • winning

    DANCE by Justice ^^