The Throne Open NYC Pop-Up Shop

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The Throne opened their doors yesterday afternoon with a pop-up shop in the SoHo section of Manhattan. Inside, fans could purchase Watch The Throne and get a glimpse of the Thronemobile from the “Otis” video. Later in the evening, Jay, Memphis Bleek, Just Blaze, and Swizz Beatz made appearances at the store. Check out pics courtesy of the lifefiles.

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  • @illsince1990

    This is exactly why I hate not living inNYC

  • So Icy Boiǃ

    New York iz wack. east coast nigguz cant rap… smh… south all day. Gooch da GOAT. swag

  • Black Shady

    everything is in NY for real. shit is pissin me off haha

  • benzo550


  • lol

    Yeah, Gucci is really doing his thing compared to Jay-Z and Kanye. /sarcasm

  • So Icy Boiǃ

    fuck Gucci haterz. he is da realest & rapz fucking good. Gucci da God rappa. I understand his rhymez & words….. dese new york niggaz talkin shit… I dont get dem. they wack! swag

  • Me

    Save the word ‘swag’ its dying from the sexual molestation it gets from these…#teamsaveswag.

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  • D

    can yall stop using the throne?

    god damn, its sound so fuckin corny..

  • DOPE

  • B.Dot

    that’s the name of their group. The same way Bad Meets Evil is Em and Royce/

  • Dope. A lot of niggas mad at niggas doing it big in this white stolen country.

    hol up, here comes grandma… whats up yaya?
    whats that smell? oh, i’m just boiling some aqua


    Hot Pix, cant wait for the Houston show, the day after hov b-day… know its gonna be big…
    AYEE.. hope beyonce be there too!

  • Dabz

    😉 get on ya grind

  • Brutally honest

    Like how the white people broke down the concept of the video, to a simple understanding . Ask a black person about the video, they’ll probably say it was wack because it wasn’t at a club , strip club or hood setting #trilltalk

  • Dabz

    damn.. daddy killed it on the harmonica haha

  • damone

    i agree with honest video nice cant hate unless u a hater.

  • i was their.. it was kool

  • USX

  • JustMyOpiinion

    HA @ YN playing the harmonica at the end of the video. 🙂 j/k

  • Dabz

  • Converse

    Stfu Otis video was just two rich niggas flossing dumbass! no hiden message just boasting we have more money than you.

  • pee

    he has man boobs……

  • cece

    bey was there too

  • James

    Omg Otis video is so deep hip-hop is alive!

  • Steve Nash almost made it to the NBA finals in 2005. Facts about @Random Guy: Will only make a comment a once in a while and at the most random time, will never make a comment about the actual post, and is actually somebody that is usually on here.

  • the great zeee

    where are the black people?

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  • they need to get that Harmonica guy on the next album lol….

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