• Grown Man

    my kid was singing along to this so i beat him and when i see this artist i will do the same

  • Kendrick Lamar

    This bitch stole my beat, flow and voice off “Look Out for Detox”. Is he on coke, dope, crack, or smack?

  • Obama

    How do you have a song (and now a remix) called “Coke, Dope, Crack, Smack” and nobody talking that drug shit, everybody on it just talking about how cool they are… Missed that concept completely… Buncha washed up ole wack ass rappers… “J-Doe”?!?!? Really?!?!?

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  • GermanLuger

    Congolmerate? they probably meant Conglomerate…oh well, and who the hell is Busta Ryhmes? Wow, they should’ve spellchecked that motherfucker.

  • Pain spazzed.