New Mixtape: Bow Wow Greenlight 4

Shad is finally back, and teams up with Ill Will & DJ Rockstart for latest installment in the Greenlight series. Tracklist and download link after the cut.

Download here

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  • Logic


  • Poetic Assasin


  • Imnotahater

    DAAAAMMMMMMMNNNNN…… The mixtape circuit is not for EVERYONE ! ! !

  • Logic

    it’s nothing special so far. nothing out of the norm for bow. i feel like he needs to get a lot more clever with his punches. he’ll be perfectly fine if and when that happens. but this is nothing that warrants negative comments. it’s solid so far.

  • NuJew

    This chick said ”Chad”, thank you Amaya.

  • Jordan Cohen

    I’m so worried about homey…are you looking at this tracklist? Sounds like he’s about to be arrested to get some press on this lame crap.

  • Hatin 101

    Let’s be real. Who still fucks with Bow Wow?

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  • jayug
  • Bow wow is under rated, this mixtape is sick.

  • Black Shady


  • Logic

    @Hatin you’d be surprised. kinda crashed. Twitter is going crazy lol. but yea, it is surprising

  • Donn

    Bow does his thing. Relax

  • zezzoi

    horrible cover, LOL

    These niggas using crayons.

  • RHY




  • SmokeYou

    LOL @ that cover.

  • Ghostface Killah

    4. Bow wow
    This nigga rite here is a human bellybutton son. The only form of touch this nigga is capable of is a caress namsayin. Fuck outta here wit the fake Nino Brown shit too you shrimp cocktail ass nigga. This little muthafucka jus refuses to let his career die wit some honor or dignity nahmean. Word is bond this nigga is his own worst enemy too yo. The last time anybody took this nigga serious Lil Kim was still mostly made of human body parts son. Callin this nigga a clown would be givin him too much credit nahmean. If I see the nigga Imma slap his head n torso off his legs. Word is bond. Ayo Bow Wow you better stay ya bitch ass out the gods way son. If I see you Imma throw all 80 pounds of you as far as I can off the top of a buildin n then run down the stairs n hop in my whip n chase you as you flyin across the sky n hit you wit my car jus as you bout to land n then smash the whip into a brick wall son. You been warned son.

  • Da Truthhhhhhh

    Alot of rappers seem to be sliding downward these days *Cough* Cash Money *Cough* Young Money*
    *Cough* Sliding Down.

  • That song ” boy or girl” is the realest song of the year. I bet anyone hating on bow wow will respect this track.

  • Problem Though

    I’m impressed. This mixtape sounds like album material. The beats are good to ride too (and smoke too), then you get a soulful joint like ” Let’s Get Closer”

    He got real personal here..talking about potential to have married Ciara or Angela Simmons. And that song “Boy or Girl” which I guess was made when his baby mother was still pregnant is so touching. It proves he accepted fatherhood before a DNA test or the birth of the child.

    “Sell my Soul” is real stuff. The industry is shady. Makes me appreciate the song “I ain’t Worried” even more. I loveeee that song. He goes over not getting respect from some people but also not getting CREDIT for what he’s done and how he has no reason to bite.

    Also hard are “Alcohol” and “Why they Hate” on here. He’s not rapping with arrogance but confidence and humor. When he says he doesn’t give a fuck, I finally believe him.

    One of the best is “Welcome Home” too. Tpain isn’t singing but actually SPITTING. It’s like he got something to prove and I like Bow’s flow and lyrics on the track too

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  • I Be Sayin…

    Is @Problemthough Bow Wow?

  • Sam I Am

    Lmao at @ghostface killah. Got me dying over here.

    I can’t wait to see the numbers skyrocket to some half a million plays in the first 24 hours or some shit. Muthafuckas always faking numbers, especially this nigga bow wow.

  • The Iron Lung

    This mixtape is actually straight. I can listen to some tracks riding in the whip blowing a b( thats how i determine a good cd). I know must of yall clowns aint even listen to it and the first thing to come out yall mouths is hate. Fucking crabs in a barrell i tell ya. And naw i aint a youngsta. Grown man. i listen to music if its good. Yall clowns should try doing that

  • SINcere Of Mid Mobb

    @i Be sayin… he telling the truth almost all these songs is on youtube already… never NEVER followed bow before but he went real deep on this one…

  • Original Will

    the best song was probably that joint he did with chris brown and busta rhyme and he didnt put it on there im not dl this shit majority of it i have or already heard it 2 songs are old as shit matter fact 1 song is so fuccing ancient its crazy he might as well had some left over traccs from FaceOff with Omarion on here o yea nigga twitter is not talking about this shit that shouldve been a giveaway this shit is weak that Chris Brown n Busta Smoking joint couldve saved his career but i thinc he kno it was too good by his standards to put on a mixtape

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  • protoman

    this is pretty good.

  • BlackAnastasia

    Is this the same nigga whom dropped the album called New Jack City 2 without there even being a part 1?with a title like that you expect some Gangsta shit but out of 13 songs 8 of them was about females.SMH.that’s why that shit tanked leftfield quick!

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