• too soon?

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  • Game

    busta rhymes is wack old as man played out go to bed…… he needs to retire for good

  • Jordan Cohen

    Busta is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO desperate. Remember when Busta used to be in the forefront of creative hip-hop? His first 3 albums really were so dope but NOW he’s trying to keep up with the joneses. Make a fresh record or step OFF and start selling bowflexes on BET latenight.

  • Your mother’s “friend”

    so true , he should’ve called it quits after the Aftermath album

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  • MAtt

    step off bust, i HATE SEEING YOUR NAME ON BLOGS.

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  • ???

    What’s the point of making an album with original material if even before it drops cats to they own version? Damn like the TV and Movie industry everything is a fuckin remake

  • jake

    i think its becoming too trendy for every single rapper nowadays to do a remix of everyone elses songs…at least on this site every single day there are multiple remixes of all the pop songs that come out like that coke dope crack smack i mean what a joke that was and look how many mixes it has…well to be honest it feels super trendy with young money artists because they’re all sellouts..radio didn’t kill the dj it killed creativity

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  • Puerto-Black

    That was quick

  • The son of X

    ya’ll are just a bunch of haters. this joint sounds nice.