• “Colder than January, bolder than my black berry?” Ye already told you we already bodied the damn lames you cockroaches!!

  • Man….nah… this hurts my heart…

  • Lucaz


  • Dino

    That Jay teacher #shittedonhim

    What jaz-o! get back in the paint….

  • Doe Money

    This site is a cheap version of Nahright. U post the same exact garbage lately…

  • J.Cole

    SMH valh.us/vegasacot

  • wickwickwack

    there u go
    this guy always shows up when jay releases an album lmao
    i thought for a second he forgot

  • Get Real

    This nig sounds like he’s fighting down syndrome on the record. His cadence is trash, the post pic is trash, Jay should sue homie for defamation for misusing the Otis beat. I always wondered what post would drive me to comment and this was it. Honestly the funniest post I’ve came across on RR in a minute. #shooteminthehead

  • Da Truthhhhhhh


  • slick

    he shoulda named the remix oldest instead of otis

  • Rundel

    wow…what will jay say…LMAO…this is garbage..
    …7 eleven giving away gas cards 4 their 35th anniversary‚Ķ http://goo.gl/4yPBT shit i filled up my tank 3 times 4 free so far!

  • FTW

    Jaz will always get respect for originating that cadence. But this is not whats up.

    It’s crazy how everybody and their Mom’s has the Try a Little Tenderness album in their crates and never thought to rhyme over the break or make a beat with break until Jay and Ye did it for Otis.

  • I Be Sayin…

    “Shawn Carter to Jay-Z? Damn, you on Jaz dick”. -Nas

  • What the fuck

  • Ze Pequeno

    Watch The Trailer Park

  • Fred G. Sanford

    Why does this sound so shitty ? Did he record this on a Walkman ?

  • Da Truthhhhhhh

    Watch the Trash Can on this nigga

  • deframon

    at ftw that song was sampled by mathamtcis first for maskta killa feat raekwon -dtd

  • deframon

    im not hundred % not even 50 % but limp bizkit feat method man sounds like chopped up little tenderness

  • My God, this is pathetic…smh…-__-…*ears bleed*…and what fuckin version of the beat is this???

  • Santa

    LOL @ “Watch the Trashcan” the sensei has surpassed the master…years ago

  • Run

    ^except for Kanye’s the one that brought down the album

  • ???

    haven’t we been past this?

  • Run

    actually, u know what? never mind, I don’t know if Jay/Kanye was even what you were referring to; could’ve been Jay/Jaz, or it could have been some strange Wu Tang correlation, because otherwise I don’t know why you used the term sensei (it means master or teacher).



  • honestly his career would be alot better if he didnt talk about Jay-z its done
    _Hit me for beats

  • FTW

    @ deframon, I was trying to think of some one who sampled it before because it’s such an obvious break but I couldn’t think if any.

  • Dope

    Where the piano in the beat or whatever it was.. took the soul out of it.

  • 9th wonder

    this guy sounds like mister miyagi on a rap beat. Horrible. he even said went HAM wow its ova brotha mic down

  • Dee

    Give it up dude.
    You’re looking like a crazy ex nowadays.
    Save yourself and your dignity.

  • mac DIESEL




  • BlackAnastasia

    80 year old ass nigga trying to fit in with the younger crowd wearing Jordans.don’t make me pull that Hawaiian Sophie footage up Ass O.

  • The hell was that?

  • HK

    Oy vey indeed.

  • midnightmarmuder

    did this dude say he “sucks dick like a mastadon”. word up.

  • Luck

    Tony Yayo Sr.

  • Puerto-Black

    “I came into this Game on Jaz’s back/I JUMPED OFF STOOD ON MY OWN TWO LIKE BOOM THAT’S THAT/yeah I came to show and prove” I see a you played yourself for Johnny in the near future

  • Subaru

    lol @ the rent party sign

    Jaz-O needs a retirement fund party

    he too old and unsuccessful to keep wasting his time on this.

  • Harris

    Jaz-O haters: Come on, give the man some respect as a rapper… remember how he killed Bring it On?

  • Karma

    ^Shyne killed More or Less, should we pretend he’s still good too?

  • reginarenee

    I only kno of A JZ cuz of Jaz-O this must B the lost generation who just got what lil hip hop history they think they getting!

  • ace 1

    The Man is a legend,
    the reason why Rap is Pop now.
    Mc`ing is his game….i stopped listening to modern rap…a long time ago.
    If you really like Jay Z , and have follwoed him from the start….then you know the real deal.

    The Jaz is awesome

    Toady`s crowd do not know a thing about real Hip Hop.
    Only crap beats and lazy rhymes, with absoulety no skills.

    JAZ- O !!