New Video: Consequence “Everybody Told Me”

It’s a twister. It’s a twister. Inspired by The Wizard Of Oz, Cons sits in the director’s seat and gets a few things off his chest (again). Movies on Demand 3 begins this Friday.

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  • Your mother’s “friend”

    It’s always been baffling to me how people like this dude survive , coz lets face it nobody’s buying his shit & i’ve never heard niggas talkin about goin to a cons show . It’s truly mindboggling

  • Da Truthhhhhhh

    Really doesn’t make any sense, and the hook is wack, verse’s are average.

  • …what was the point of that? Dude needs a new hairline

  • YouKnowMe

    ‘Im like a teabag when you put it in hot water/ I only getting stronger’

    Negro what? Why is you here? Why are you crying? What video was you in that you keep bringing up?

  • Get Real

    The consequence for listening to Consequence is an irritated eardrum. Please stop. And nobody gives 4 fucks about Movies On Demand pimp.#realtalk We the ppl, only “demand” that you go far far away.

  • Ekiti

    Yes, we get it my nigga, they did u greezy. Dust the dirt of your shoulder and keep it moving. Nice song in all but you beginning to sound like a broken record imo.

  • B.Dot

    The consequence for listening to Consequence is an irritated eardrum.

  • stretch

    He needs to find something else to rap about

  • Da Truthhhhhhh

    Nigga look like AZ on crack

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  • ugly


  • The beat is nice…gotta love the samples in Hip Hop.

    Get this beat to someone relevant, and we have a winner!

  • Jay Cee

    But you do buy his music anything early kanye most likely was ghost written by him

  • yma

    “Wasn’t I a good King? (Maybe too much of a thing huh?) Didn’t I spoil you? Me or the money, what you loyal to? Made you royals and royalties (Took care of these niggas lawyer fees) and this how you niggas rewarding me? Damn!”

  • midnightmarmuder

    this dude played himself. before he started crying about all that bullshit, i would say that most people thought he was nice on the mic. dude was sittin in the backseat, but always shined when he got his chance. you knew he was gonna get his chance to bust at some point, and was probably going to be successful at sellin some albums. but now? dude started shittin all over the only dudes in his corner, and didn’t know how to play is position and be patient. you felt you were waitin too long? so be it. but now you gonna shit all over ‘ye and fuck yourself? that is your solution to dealin with your frustration? shittin on one of the biggest cats in the game, who had you in his line up ready to get it on when the time was right. and now look at you… you played yourself son. fucked up. now you just look like that mad rapper crying about this and that. a big ego and pride will fuck a nigga up real quick. so the end result? you went from a respected mc with skills to a fucking comment board joke. shit is sad man. you done fucked your whole program up.

  • Adel

    I like cons however he is comiting career suicide. He needs to leave this kanye shit alone..

  • cj

    fuck kanye gay ass this shit hard as hell yall rap niggas is to tv driven yall prolly wear skinny jeans, kanye flipped the script on the public so i can only imagine how he flipped on his homies, this shit is real hiphop, u niggas like lil b the based dog and wanna suck lil wayne cock

  • Yup

    @midnightmarmurder 200% co-sign.