• Codeen


  • Aj

    Freddie Gibbs bringing gangsta back. YEAH NIGGAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!

  • Dope shit

  • NorthernIreland

    nice 1

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  • hella dope!

  • G

    This is dope

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  • So Icy Boiǃ

    @Afag yo, da whole RR staff fucked yo momma… mac DIESEL fucked her in both hole… Cold Death cummed all over her face…. & she sucked mah cock. lmao yo momma a hoe. swag


    Did dis nigga Gibbs say “roll up a woo wit my other hand”????? …..a “woo” is a blunt laced with coke where im from….hope u down south niggas got another meaning for dat

  • Aj

    @ So Icy Bitch, yo momma got aids from a monkey and got herpes from 3 pimps in my city Chicago. That bitch a dirty ho. Oh yeah, I almost forgot, you my son.

  • So Icy Boiǃ

    @Afag dat comeback weak. u emulated me. Im fuckin yo momma slowly right now. he got a YN tattoo.. ouch. swag

  • So Icy Boiǃ

    yo momma is a man. swag

  • So Icy Boiǃ

    somebody helpe me. Ajs momma is a shemale. HELP! swag

  • yup

    Young Jeezy is a pretty weak rapper if you think about it, and this freestyle supports that claim.

    Freddie Gibbs wen’t hard though, i wish he never signed to CTE that label is a graveyard, nobody releases anything from there.

  • jermz dash

    @irvington jay….he said Wood….as in back wood

  • J

    gangsta gibbs killed that shit.

  • Aj

    @ So Icy Boi, when I responded I said to So Icy BITCH. Why would you respond unless you a bitch. Yo gay ass, and why you be cosigning for other niggas, bringing them into yo jokes. Talkin bout @ Cold Death fucked yo momma. You they fan or something, thats gay. I fuck yo momma everyday of the week yo chimpanzee. Fuck you and yo whole family. Bitch.

  • ty

    so called hardest niggas in the game.these niggas can,t even freestyle.who let them in.

  • Aj

    Ok, So its obvious rapradar didnt put my earlier response up so fuck @so pussy bitch. You a faggot, yo momma a ho, yo grandma a ho, every female in yo cattle a ho. You gay, a fucking lamd. And you a bitch ass nigga that dont wanna fight in person. Dont respond because I wont be on here anymore. Peace out Ho.

  • FTW


    This was light work for Gibbs.

    Fuck the rap game and all the pussy niggas in it (c)

  • Converse

    Jeezy isnt lyrical? Um nigga you mustve never heard of Tm103, 102 and Recession


  • Ben

    Dope stuff boi!