• http://www.southerndope.com TheSouthizBack

    He’s a dope lyricist, the freestyle is sick, but this track doesn’t really do it for him. But thats jus me tho’

  • baern

    Killa Kyleon keeps bring the heat

  • e@rl th@ pe@rl

    “RUN IT!” KILLA GOIN GORILLA…yet again.

  • Lamant

    this shit go hard…i fux with it…
    …Apple bout to launch new iPhone & for their 50th anniversary.. http://goo.gl/RbL1T so they giving out iPhone 5..i got 2…ahha


    2012 will be known as the year that the rizograph printer became synonymous with polishing a turd

  • http://www.twitter.com/josephdexter Mr. Dexter

    wire road fam!