• Boy Rich

    first is always nice.

  • lol

    He raps better than some of the so called rappers out here these days.

  • cellworld

    He going to do a rap album some day

  • Tamica

    dude..can rap better than a lot of artist out…already…
    …Subway giving back after laying off over 1300 people.. http://goo.gl/wlOYt $100 giftcards..s**t i grab 3 of them..lol

  • personl

    he can do that mixtape shh i give him that. but before i say he a dope rapper he gotta make an actual song

  • veesky

    Let that beat breathe.

  • Post no billz

    These myths fuckas now in days are locust.. let that bitch breathe..

  • fyre boy

    @ZachSteez be mixin his vocals so crispy though


  • dat bull

    better than the weezy version

  • Hugo Perez

    I like Trey but he needs to obtain his own flow I could have sworn it was Drake rapping.. lyrics pretty dope thou..