• Your Friendly Neighborhood Dopeman

    Damn. This is dope.

  • Yikes

    This is…..sick

  • Post no billz

    wow.. therez just some beats u dont touch.. its gettin outta hand.. whats next.. t.r.o.y?

  • Moe

    DOPE AS FUCK!!! “AMBITION” 11.1.11

  • Big O

    Dam dis joint goes ham…i fucks with it..DMV STAND UP

  • RoscoesChicken&Bloggaz

    Much Love from the 323 to PG County…miss slappin as at Bazz n Cruzzz….

  • I’m white 24 and miss the golden era of hip-hop

    Co-Sign Post no bills to the fullest!!! Some beats are just untouchable.. You don’t touch sugar hill , mass apeall, T.R.O.Y. And any thing on illmatic because the beat has already been blessed by somebody of legend status.. Stuff like this make me miss the 90’s.. Where are you kool g rap and nas – fastlife

  • Wale! Can’t wait for this niggaz album. – @Tentz954

  • Man, no such thing as a track you shouldn’t rap over, just by rapping over it your paying homage like someone on here said it made him think of the 90’s don’t u think that was his point. To shine light on a era most people don’t know about cause they young or forgot about cause its old. Kill any beat you find! #Work

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  • ColoradoKnight

    Wale is goofy lookin’. Not Consequence goofy lookin’, but a close second.

  • Subaru

    GTFOH @ certain tracks u shouldn’t touch…that’s straight stupidity. So your saying Elzhi shouldn’t of made ELMATIC rhyming over Nas Illmatic beats? some of yall are straight stupid

  • Hudes

    Check az twitter account. Wale and Az have a joint together. Coming soon.

    AZ is on the same level as Nas.
    He’s my favorite mc for the past 10 years. I own everything he’s got. Im glad that new generation is recognizing him

    I heard a next wale track where he goes
    Less like Nasir more like az

    That’s jokes.

    But don’t get it twisted. Nas is still the best. You heard that joint nasty? Wheew crazy

  • pablo escobar jr

    no swag

  • DMV

  • @ Subaru…took the words right outta my mouth. (makes new tab search for Elmatic, download completed)

  • I’m white 24 and miss the golden era of hip-hop

    @sabaro its not stupid or straight stupidity its an opinion… Everyone has one But like hudes said a.z. Is Neck and neck with nas because sosa’s flow is smooth as fuck but nas is just a beast.. What elzhi did was on a whole nother level. To me it didn’t sound like wale did the beat justice