New Video: Mac Miller “Frick Park Market”

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After getting the co-sign from Mr. Trump, Mac chooses the perfect time to drop his new single. Blue Slide Park coming in November. Buy the single on iTunes now.

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  • shining

    not bad…idk about first singlee

  • James Allen

    Mac Miller is dope. End of story

  • Yup, that’s some REALLY good shit !

    I don’t cosign on that Trump quote, though … Eminem can’t be compared to this Mac Miller kid. They play on a different league. Eminem is on the psychotigue/gore/violent lyrics while Mac Miller is on some fresher lyrics (ye’ style, maybe ?). The only thing they have in common is their skin tone.

  • TGODxJETSxMostDope

    MostDope!!!!! ThumbsUp!
    F*ck u Haters!

  • Santa

    haters gonna hate, this is hard.

  • Hank Moody

    Song sucks and the kid looks like he has downs syndrome.

  • Shaq

    Mac Miller = Promo Homo

  • Hatin 101

    This nigga corny.

  • dog

    idk about him being compared to eminem, but yea hes dope as fuk, if niggas dnt think he killed dis then there haters, deff coppin da album

  • still best rite now!!

    this is local rapper themed type material…not a good pick for 1st single

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  • This dude is whack….I’m sorry HIPSTERS
    Just cause u dress cool and rap that doesn’t make u a good rapper!

  • Truth

    Donald Trump (the song) part II.

  • Truth

    ^sounds like Donald Trump (the song) part II. especially the hook!

  • NC all Day

    Pure Garbage at its best…………………………..

  • Real Talk

    He is the suburbs version of Eminem without such a fucked up life … Song is sick btw

  • pablo escobar jr

    it all makes sense now. trump calls him the new eminem and he bites the slim shady video. fuck trump and this down syndrome lame.

  • lol

    I don’t understand why is has to be hate when someone isn’t feeling an artist or their music. We all have stuff we don’t like. Are we all haters?

  • MadMike0082

    Fucking beat IS UBER dope!!! Im not a big fan and ive heard everything hes done. I loved Donald Trump that was my early summer windows down top down banger (well other than Im On One of course…)

    But this shit is fire. I hope the album is like this and not like all the shit on his mixtapes trying to be black and too hip hop. Your a fucking young white kid having a fucking blast, be THAT.

  • ksleep

    finally, a mac miller song i kinda like. vid is pretty mean too even though he aint doin shit.

  • FAKU

    He will NEVER I repeat NEVER be half of what Em is… period. He isn’t bad though… beats are tight and all, but his lyrics are just so basic. Good management and publication is the reason for all his exposure.

  • Joe


  • King Mathers

    until a WHITE BOY can top the MASTERFUL, MULTI-SYLLABLE RHYMES of 1 song…LOSE YOURSELF, with its PERFECT FLOW and VIVID PICTURE, nobody will be the next Eminem


    huge FAGGOT! and this is what your call HIP HOP these days? no wonder why it’s dead.

  • lilrizq

    lose yourself is 1 of em’s wackest cuts to me, but of course he was spittin on that track. role model would be my pick.

  • mostdope

    mac is dope as shit

  • Jay

    Wow… some of you guys really hate on everything. Must be exhausting.

    Sweet track!

    Thumbs up, Most DOPE!

  • pablo escobar jr

    really? is it really that good?

  • Failete

    lol, maybe it’s not that bad, but… cmon, Eminem is Eminem… he’s the only Eminem in the world, and there will never be someone like him.

  • Santa

    @lol no the difference is when you say “I dont like this” vs MAC MILLER IS WAC I HOPE HE FALLS OFF A BRIDGE

  • This track is really good, and i know that all true Mac fans thinks the same..
    Many ppl say the hook seems similar 2 his *Donald Trump* track but i say f*ck it. ciz the track is good anyways. #MOSTDOPE 4 Life!

    Mac Miller – La La La La Remix By Me:

  • pax

    he reminds me of justin bieber…and thats not a compliment. and every white rapper gets compared to eminem…name one who hasnt…

  • Bronx NY

    who the fuck is this white boy … come to the bronx with that shit and get stomped out by me and my goonz .. his raps are weak … REAL NIGGAS CANT RELATE TO THIS PUSSY SHIT… the fuck outta here .. MEEK MILL DREAM CHASERS MIXTAPE WILL SLICE THIS WHITE BOYS FACE OPEN >>> who the fuck chose him anyway … cause real niggas from the hood didnt …AND WOULDNT .. do you see the corny ass rappers the put us to listen to … heres some official rap niggas …fred the godson.. hollow the don… loaded lux … meek mill… and my favorite style p … the rap game is weak .. its crazy how jay z been in the game during biggie and tupac… and jay z is still better then all these lames … biggie and tupac would of sending hits out on these lames that disrespect the rap world .. hey mac miller .. come to the bronx with your biggest gunz.. me and my goonz still gon rob you and then we’ll throw your shit in the garbage show you your money aint good over here .. we gettin this paper … o yea .. quit rapping .. fagget ..

  • dmc

    reminds me a wiz kalifa except its better. that being said.. this is still wack

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  • this is hella dope…

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  • ClarkR

    This made a fan out of a hater… props

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