Symbolyc One Breaks Down “Excellence”

With placement on Beyonce’s 4 and Kanye West’s MBDTF, Symbolyc One’s slowly making a name for himself. His most recent work can be found on track 10 off Watch The Throne. In this clip, he gives a reenactment of how he created “Excellence”.

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  • Abbrevia

    that track go hard..1 of my fav off the wthrone album..
    ..Apple bout to launch new iPhone & for their 50th anniversary.. so they giving out iPhone 5..i got 2…ahha

  • Sam from FL

    S1 my dude but he looking too cool for school here lol

  • Your Father

    Symbolyc One is dope!
    Definitely a fan of his style.
    His son, Vohnbeatz is a beast too. He’s only 12 or 13.

  • Dustin

    Favorite beat on WTT. Texas represent.

  • Alas

    interesting narration on this. but why is he feeling himself so much here? not a good look when half the video is him playing with his sunglasses and licking his lips in front of the camera.

  • uhuh

    ^ thats all u saw? u gay

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