• Your mother’s “friend”

    wish i would click play on a track by these ym tax write offs

  • Santa

    shit Cory Gunz snapped, everything else was wack though

  • Black Shady

    fast-forward to Gunna’s verse.
    all these other fruits are wack!

    and its a shame Cory signed to YM. I thought it would help him..but when u really think bout it, he’ll probably never drop an album over there. ASK JAE MILLZ…

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  • mr southhimself

    its a shame no other label tried to sign cory now he with YM and yall just piss

  • Gunz snapped, Tyga held his own..

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  • Anon DCPL

    niggas look like nickelodeon rejects.

  • TonyP


  • James Allen

    I wanna believe the hype about Tyga but everytime I hear his raps I feel confused about his hype. Gudda and Gunz are good to btw

  • Da Truthhhhhhh

    Niggas is confused on what direction they headed

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  • Product of Chicago

    Tyga and Gunz slayed it…


    niggas look like nickelodeon rejects.



    but Cory Gunz aint to bad

  • Real Talk

    Damn the flood warning 5?????

    Jae Millz album coming Nevuary 2025

  • I’m white 24 and miss the golden era of hip-hop

    Cory gunz is a beast with his word play… Tyga was o.k.But didnt jae millz have his chance and lost a battle to that dude from making the band?

  • Money mitch

    Ymcmb train running out of steam thank god

  • MIL


  • Rapey Jones

    Cory and Tyga killed it, the others were wack but……

    Tyler’s the only goddan 6oblin OFWGKTA FUCK RAPE

  • Idiedwaitingonarocnationalbum

    More bandwagon shit

  • Anonymous

    Wayne signed Cory to take his steam while he was going upstate. Smart move! Peter guns was Greedy he shouldve stayed away from that deal! Cory was real hot and couldve easily brought NYC back While Wayne was gone. I guess it’s back to rappity rappity rap raps with the rest of the fraggle rock muppets. Tyga never dropping an album too, maybe a joint lp with lil chuckee.jae mills just happy to be roomates with gudda gudda and lil twist ?lmao! Drake sonned them all including Wayne ! And everybody smashing Nicki -baby,Wayne,slim,drake etc

  • Da Truthhh

    Cory can’t bring back NY stop smoking crack @manana Cory is just a worker

  • Shooga

    LOL @Cory with them teeth

  • Anonymous

    @datruthhh I guess the crack has impaired ur vision base head! Read what I said pre-ymcb!he had the most buzz outta NYC! Who don’t know he’s a worker now?

  • Hip-Hop Fiend

    Cory Gunz a beast and Tyga was ight. It’s a shame Lil’ Twist will have a debut album before Jae Millz. I don’t think Cory will drop a album, Jae Millz never will sometimes I forget he’s sign to Young Money. Tyga will drop 1 album with not much involvement from Wayne. Wayne really aint involved in none of his artist music which is a good thing. Except Twist and he hasn’t had a hit.

  • lmao

    guns is funny lookin little midget..soft nigga

  • HaitiBaby

    Tyga & Lil Twist Album Droppin The Same Month. NOVEMBER 2011. Wayne Said Himself That His Artists Dont Go Mainstream Until a Couple Years Of Getting Signed. Dont Doubt Cory or Millz.

  • Anonymous

    @haitibaby Wayne wrong homie!
    Drake came out the gate swinging and Nicki too
    so fuck what u heard !! it’s about signing likeable talent vs gimmicks! Jaemills tyga chuckee gutta twist Cory all z class gimmicks ! I rather listen to Trey songs or chris brown raps .baby smart tho he gonna find better artist that will sell to replace them in due time!