• Puerto-black

    Will see….

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  • Your Friendly Neighborhood Dopeman

    December? Dude was supposed to release a mixtape this month. No consistency. I guess that dipset album aint coming out until next year then. By then it won’t even matter.

  • tron

    i wish this nigga would stop doin all these mini interviews talkin bout when shit is supposed to come and just drop his shit. I know alot of you cats that been fuckin with the whackness prolly dont know who Juelz is. Some of his music is tough though. fuck outta here with that lilbbigseankreayolaoddfaggots swag goofy shit. ohwwwweeee

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  • NuJew

    Only Harlem niggas and chiquitas like Amaya cares about this.

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  • fucku

    regan era been comin out since 2006 fuck is wrongwit this nigga

  • while he dilly dallying vado doing his thing

  • Black Shady

    this nigga been repeating the same shit for the last 5 years…fuck outta here!!!

    u my nigga Elz…been ridin with u since From Me 2 U…and before that. but nobody checkin for your mixtape. u been tellin us the same story for years. im sure its gonna be average.

  • Sonny Carsons Son

    Vado > Juelz

    UPS is hiring!

  • StudioThug

    Never liked Julie Santana. Always was wack to me lyrically. He’s irrelevant as fuck!

  • Cameramen are fucking disgraceful, stop changing your fuckin focus and exposure, clean yo fucking lenses.

    Back to the rap. Wdf Juelz, you were my boy… wdf… what happened… Whatever this guys never dropping, nothings long awaited he’ll sell 7 copies. This guys a lame now. I wanna see a rapper humble themselves, dont approach an interview like your still the hottest dude out here, and everyones waiting for your album, come to the interview stop talking shit bout december releases and just talk like you know nobody gives a fuck about ur album, then Id respect you. Waka Flocka was too real.

    WATCH THE THRONE. Sit back retire, big up Vado and watch the fucking throne.

  • BUNK

    It’s been over for this nigga… Vado took your spot!!! Don’t be mad UPS is hiring!

  • da boa

    Juelz’s last album was in 2006… he’s simply not hungry anymore. He doesn’t even bother to give the fans any new material through mixtapes like he’s promised for years.

    The ONLY time you ever hear from Elz is when he’s featured & that’s rare because he isn’t relevant anymore. If he was smart he would’ve tried to capitalize off the Lloyd Banks feature.

    It still amazes me at 1 point in time him & Wayne were dead even in their careers.

  • alot of truth was dropped in this comment section. its pretty much a wrap for this dude’s rap career. and its sad cuz he got bars….

  • we dont believe you! this nigga think he dr. dre waitin all this time

  • Black Shady

    “it still amazes me at 1 point in time him & Wayne were dead even in their careers.”

    ^ THIS!!!! around the BALLIN record…and all the talk of the I CANT FEEL MY FACE album. Juelz and Wayne were on the same level. both promising….

    One worked his ass off….the other got lazy. dont have to tell you who is who…

  • NotoriousRambo.





  • pablo escobar jr

    i forgot he existed. might be able to create a buzz. probably not tho. i hope he took care of his money. ay!

  • murakami

    lol fuck this nigga… he waited way too long to put shit out, now his buzz is done and THROUGH! dont nobody care about his weak ass no more. sorry, pal. career = dead.

  • The Truth

    This dude is lazy as hell, hasn’t put out an album since 05…Career is a wrap, and its nobodies fault but his…even with label drama, rappers drop tons of mixtapes to stay hot, he did none of that….learn from the Southern Rappers we call dumb and garbage, they grind hard, put out mixtapes, stays touring…stays relevant to there fan base….Juelz wont like that to begin with album wise anyway 1st album was trash, 2nd album was decent, so theres nothing to look forward too…. Sorry….