KiD CuDi Scraps A Man Named Scott

If you’re still waiting on that new Kid Cudi mixtape, fuggedaboutit. Cudder took to his tumblr yesterday to announce he’s leaving, A Man Named Scott alone to

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  • scott not scotty

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  • Converse


  • Que Dijo!?

    Who givez a shyt

  • BiggMar

    This dude changes his mind more than Game hatin G-Unit.

  • Black Shady

    people checkin for this nigga?

  • kobe24

  • Zach

    annnnd he continues to fall off the map…

  • pissed

    He should scrap his so called career.

  • jtm

    Cudi don’t give a fuck about his fans

  • Backpack Scene Hipster

    Im waiting for this. MOTM 3 is going to be dope

  • That Stud Carlos

    Neither of y’all haters know about Cudi’s work, so stfu.

  • drew who

    cudi’s dope pissed about this kinda

  • rachael5922

    Oh well Scott isn’t that exciting anymore anwyays…like Jay-Z says, on to the next one.

  • whatever

    dont worry cudi do your thang focus on you

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