Lil Wayne Treated For Skating Accident

[vodpod id=Video.15307861&w=540&h=350&]

“The Lou was good but I busted my head at the sk8park! 9stitches! Gnarly gash over my left eye! Luv the people.” – Lil Tunechi

Take it in blood, eh? Following the

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  • xyz


  • Da Truthhhhhhh

    Weezy is Real Good with Hurting Himself.

  • He think he Tyler the Creator. gtfo go back to jail. I dont even fuck with those devil worshipping oh lifes a joke ass niggaz.

  • veesky

    Man, that female reporter was fine…”Shaundrea”

  • TGODxJETSxMostDope


  • Backpack Scene Hipster

    Dude is a fake.

  • ask me


  • MIL

    Kick Push, Kick Push, Splat

  • Rated R

    Let’s see how many NY rappers start trying to ride skateboards because they think it will get them more fans. We all know the copycat ones who follow all the trends. smh!

  • Semi Semen in ya bitch mouth

    Gnarly gash over my left eye! – Hell no the skate world are taking our people one by one.

  • Dream On

    hahahaha what a fag

  • john

    this is the real lil wayne he aint no gangster or no blood he a punk

  • This faggot ass nigga. Thats what he get for trying to be a white boy. What type of blood gangsta rapper go to the hospital for skateboarding accident. This shows you how much of a lame he is.

  • smelly bum


  • deebo

    co sign what @ Real Nigga said

  • hater

    uh where do i start, dude skates like he plays guitar….weak as fuck. who starts skating at 30?!!!!!
    hating aside, he about to luck up again(besides the 16 year old girl retracting her statement) because if carter 4 doesnt leak he’s gonna do BIG numbers its releasing the day after the VMA’s which he will probably closeout. Gremlin stay winnin

  • 123

    The Lou was good? Isn’t that British for washroom?

    The fuck you talking bout weezy.

    Ps. Dude is just having fun. Anyone without Balance is sure to fall on a skateboard. And just cause you don’t drink anymore, doesn’t mean you can stand up straight on a skateboard.

    Haha oh well

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    So BLOOD gang members skate now? Drop your Bandanas and pickup a Skateboard.

  • Backpack Scene Hipster

    Since when is skateboarding a white boy sport. Alot of black people skate

  • danger mouse

    In related news, Dwayne

  • Fuck-you-clowns

    @123 “the lou” is widely know as a slang reference for st. Louis you dumbass ether your really young and are just ignorant, or your a really stupid adult, just another black zombie, or white whatever you fucking zombie dont know shit

  • chris_1254

    was injured while “playing” on a skateboard? are you serious. playing?? fuck outta here

  • Da Truthhhhhhh


  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    @danger mouse. The Red Hot Chili Peppers drop the same day. Wayne’s trying to get every album sale he can.

  • That Stud Carlos

    Y’all stupid. Everybody who skates (even professionals) falls and have accidents. Also, since when did you have to be white to skate??? That’s gotta be the stupidest remark I’ve ever heard.

  • The Cold Death

    Emo nigga! Lil Wayne is whiter than Taylor Swift. Eminem is the king of hip hop!

    Where are they now?

  • rahrahrah
  • The Cold Death

    Lil Wayne’s new genres: emocore, nerdcore, whitecore.

    Where are they now?

  • All waynes injuries have been self inflected. Hahahaha. What a clown. He probably gon shoot hisself again on purpose and say a rival crip shot him.



  • Me

    Hate on him but u must cop c4…haha…thats fucking mandatory niggaz u must cop c4.

  • Run

    ^No. Not unless it starts sounding a lot better than it has so far.

  • WestCoast

    kill ur self pussy nigga
    Gaygster Ha!

  • SmokeYou

    He is a poser. Just like when he “tried” to play the guitar. You aint no skater. You ain’t no rockstar. You are a fucking gibberish rapper.

  • Yo

    damn only if he would have died today would b a great day lmfao

  • Converse


    Damn youre slow? the Thong? copy Wayne?

    IANAHB was release digitally a week before it was out in stores dumbass

    O yeah black ppl dont skate? just like white ppl shouldnt rap CIV>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  • Converse

    O yeah Gayork is the capital of biting?

  • Davvvve

    I See Lil Wayne Tryna Swagger Jack Tyler The Creator Now

  • L.A

    Stfu everybody can skate not just one race you close minded fucks!

  • Kong

    ^Everybody but Wayne

  • Sin


  • Sin

    this is the real lil wayne he aint no gangster or no blood he a punk

    since when did skateboarding make you a punk
    say that shit to stevie williams, bet that nigga aint tryna hear that soft shit

  • Black Shady

    Now he’s a skater huh…..?

    Weezy F Baby and the F is for FRAUD

  • Derrick Ross

    Lol @ anyone calling weezy fake

    WTF have u done to call ppl real or fake.You stay strapped on your keyboard judging others like you’re in a position to!!

    J.Cole fans are annoying

  • @ Sin, so sin sip gin, and little mo hart run up nut up and flipped in, the clipped in, mistakin the bloody victim.

  • JReezy

    Ignant Shit from blog commenters. Can’t act like I didn’t see this coming.

  • Real G

    Get well boii. C4 Aug 29!!!

  • RK

    How you can say skating is a white man’s sport is beyond me. You must all too ignorant to even know what skating is or what kind of people skate…

    He gets a cut from an accident and all of a sudden he’s an emo? That’s like a white guy drawing a black line on his hand and saying he’s black. Grow up.

    CIV > WTT

  • joey b

    i was at the concert last nite in st louis and this nigga weezy made me sick..

    first of all, ross only did 6 songs.

    all of the songs weezy n ross have done together, THEY DIDNT DO!!! what the fuck.

    second of all, fuck lil wayne…this nigga was trying to be john fuckin legend up there singing an shit…fuck this dude..never will i support anything he does again.


    ya dig?

  • Ben

    Yesss we get the C4 a day early!! Cant wait.

  • no1

    Pharell Voice… “F&*%in Posers!”

  • NotoriousRambo.




    What’s hurts worse his skateboarding or guitar playing??


    Also I thought you we’re supposed to get better with age.. He was so much better with juvinile turk and b.g… 50 shots

  • Da Truthhh

    [email protected] joe went to the show and felt like he got robbed,lol, word

  • jetsfoo

    i havnt seen such an avid reaction to a rapper since, shit, well, cant even remember? i dont wana compare the guy to biggie or pac, BUT LIKE the greats, everything the guys does is either loved or HATED no in between or simple disregard. hmmmm

  • yupuknowthis

    aint the nigga a lil old to playing with skateboards, not hating or nothing ight, jus saying ahahah

  • John Doe


  • Kong


    “i havnt seen such an avid reaction to a rapper since”… u checked out any other relevant rapper? Welcome to the internet age, kid, there’s only haters and stans here. Kanye, Jay, Eminem, Lil Wayne, Drake… any given post is 50% hate, 50% love, and no in-beween. Its the way the game is played these days, and it sure as hell doesn’t mean any of them are legends.

  • Jus Sayin’

    ^ lol at weezy tryin to be John Legend haha

  • Serpentor

    Death to all posers….

  • First of all I would like to commend him for crossing over into a genre where he can create more revenue. Secondly I have to say many of the same people making negative comments on this blog can still recite word for word ever song Wayne has ever made. Thirdly life sucks and if you can find anything that can make it not suck, well for you. This is exactly what he is doing making life not suck and making a lot of money for it… Last whatever he touches turns to gold and as long as the young man has the mightas touch he might as well use it before it runs out. Life sucks so make it better Spread love not hate because hate will come right back on you, but if you spread love maybe one of you hating as wana be rappers might get a deal get it… Show love, get love, show hate get hate. Love is good!!!