Lil Wayne VMA Promo Commercial #2

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This year’s MTV Video Music Awards will be airing this Sunday with Weezy as one of the performers. Before it goes down, here is an extended promo, where he raps his verse from “John” acapella.

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  • Cali

    Wayne needs to perform “She Will” with Drizzy at the VMAs.
    Tha Carter IV in stores August 29th and Take Care in stores October 24th…

  • KoldCase

    He fell off so fuckin bad

    Hes not top 15 now

    Most overrated rapper ever(or one of em)

    Fuckin simple ass shit, one liners with no flow

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  • Anon DCPL

    fuck MTV and the VMA’s.

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    “Most overrated rapper ever(or one of em)”…Im speechless the man is correct.

  • Weezy >>>>>>>>>>>>>>

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  • Derty Kevin

    This looks like a parody video or something, like Wayne is a comedian making fun of rap. With those clothes and those shitty rhymes he’s spiting as he’s stumbling around…this shit HAS to be a joke. If not it’s a sad representation of hip hop.

  • Derty Kevin

    And btw I don’t think there is one gangster..for sure not one blood that wears pink shoes, long green socks, and a paper like tan hat. SMH.

  • shining

    he’s doing how to love and she will at the VMAs

  • Rick Party

    yeah… carter 4 might flop. swear im not hating but I could not finish watching that bs.

  • Rick Party

    co-sign @ derty kevin


    Atleast he can eat of drakes plate…

  • Cali’s Finest

    Get off Young Money’s Dick you fuckin groupie!!

  • Cali’s Finest

    I won’t watch it…nor i’ll EVER watch anything from MTV. cause that channel been playing Candy cane pop songs & awarding Katy Perry more awards then Rappers!

    as for Carter HIV…that shit sounds like a Flop! No buzz what so ever. I even forgot it was dropping this month! Ha!
    Wayne’s Reign ended Quick lol. and Drake won’t Last very long. he will be Played out ASAP.

  • Da Truthhh


  • Cali

    Wayne and Drake are gonna do way more numbers than J. Cole. He’s performing at the VMAs and “She Will” and “How to Love” are on top of iTunes and radio. Cole got no buzz or hits at all.

  • Cali

    My Predictions:
    Tha Carter IV = 500k
    Take Care = 700k
    Cole World = 100k

  • Cali

    I Overdose on Weezy’s Dick!
    My ass is Red!!

  • KoldCase

    Cali fuck no

    Drake =400-600

    Cole would rip the fuck outta all of young money

  • ItsTheTruth

    “How many gorillas who actually killers really rhymin? Artist that actually signed still killin? But when it comes to killin the mic they not willin and Im supposed to be shook, thats the shit that kill me”

  • Da Truthhh

    wayne=500k the most
    Drake =4 to 500 k the most
    J Cole 250 k the most

    1st week predictions

  • Da Truthhh

    as far as wayne goes wayne is the hip hop macaulay culkin if he’s home alone with bird man ya know the rest.

  • Da Truthhh

    wayne acts like a child star this nigga been out the hood since he was very young , he’s a fraud

  • Yall can say what yall about Lil Wayne but Jayz kanye em etc. have been in the game since the early late 90’s its all about longevity and wayne has done that thats why he got my respect..esp in this day in age when you MUST stay relevant

  • Da Truthhh

    excuse me Eddie why ar you comparing LIL wayne to Jay-z??? are you drinking to much lean ??

  • Cali

    Here’s a description J. Cole:

  • @Da Truthhh my dude/ my girl whoever you are i said that he has had longevity like Jay Z…Jay Z is the greatest of our time POST tupac biggie…but when it comes to hip hop its about longevity not about what you did in one year or a J Cole,drake etc. how many rappers from 97′ 98′ 99′ still making records?

  • Cali

    Here’s a description *of J. Cole:

  • @Cali You right…J cole wont sell no more then 150K just because his audience isnt broad

  • Hip Hop

    Please stop slandering legends in my name. You underground fucks disgust me.

  • Derrick Ross

    Lmao j Cole selling 100k? 200k? Expect 25k Lol or less!!!!!

  • The Cold Death

    Lil Wayne is a joke. This nigga is a gay punk, making pop songs.

    Where are they now?

  • jetsfoo

    people act like wayne hasnt been one of the most creative in the game, these are artists rnt they? you dont have to appreciate every portrait

  • FUCK Based God

    Man Lord Please Tell me WTF happened to Wayne????????????????
    He is not the same gangster rapper i knew back in 06
    Sure turned out to be the gayest skater rapper or whatever yall call it smh

  • Wayne changed after jail time…he is tryin everythng to stay on top but he’s doin extra so drake (really nikki, cory, tyga) will have to carry tha “team”

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  • shady13

    I see the turkish flag on his t-shirt


    well…. thats all i needed to see. i will not be buying the carter 4.
    lady gaga > wayne

  • HaitiBaby

    Wayne >>>>>>>>>> The Rap Game!!
    He’s More Than a Rapper Thats Why He Went With How To Love & Other Songs As Such. As Far As Style, He No Longer Wants To Look Like Other Niggas By Rockin A White Tee, Jeans & Jordans! & No Matter What Tha Carter IV Sells, Its Still Gonna Be #1
    Feed Me

  • bgreat

    ^…what wayne >>>>>the rap game … …yeah i know that gay nigga try’n to be like his boy friend from toronto…drake…. sanging shyt but think’n he a great…. ask me both them gay niggas flow the same and thats some gay shyt

  • Ben

    Best rapper alive! Hip-hop not dead only Nas career!!

  • John Doe


  • best rapper alive and dead

    huge weezy fan but i have to admit that was pretty lame. Regardless he is still the best rapper alive and ever. His flows, versatility, punch lines, metaphors, lyrics, all that make him the best rapper ever. YMCMB >ALL. C4 coming soon!

  • this is what rap has become? pink socks and green shoes? that album will be lucky to sell 300k in the first week

  • Da Snake


  • ColoradoKnight

    This dude is a clown.

  • Real G

    Dope C4 album of the year!!!

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  • @EtiennedeParis

    Dude fell off crazy… it’s even hard to explain..
    he looks like a parody of himself. Lame punchlines and xtra gimmicks