New Music: David Guetta x Nicki Minaj “Turn Me On”

David Guetta’s new album is hitting stores next week and he’s got a ton of features including this track with Nicki Minaj. Nothing But The Beat hits stores August 29th.


Previously: “Where Them Girls At” which also features Onika

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  • vejs23

    1st LOVE Nicki’s ASS

  • belly

    Rip hiphop…… Wtf is this shit

  • bWN


  • Nicki Gagaj

  • uhuh

    would be hilarious to see nicki perform this. she cant sing.

  • Converse

    I dont condone violence? but can somebody murk this non talented euro trash fool?

    I mean all of his music is hot garbage? this shit is worst than stabbing a rusty screw driver threw your ears

    This is the definition of torture? what is waterboarding?

  • Osun

    Dj khaed swag

  • QuackQuackQuackQuackQuack

    1) Does anybody else remember like 6 months or so ago, when Nicki said she wasn’t gonna be doing any more features? Because I don’t think I’ve heard anything BUT features from her since then.

    2) Cosign whoever said it would be pretty hilarious to watch her try to sing this live.

    3) David Guetta only makes one beat, and uses the same effects every time. AND he always collabs with the exact same artists. Eurotrash is not music.

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  • Dope

    You won’t see her perform thisbecause Guetta’s concert look like this:

    He stands behind a pult and puts on his records and then waves his hand while the song plays and the audience on ecstasy jumps franaticaly all the time with light show flashing till they go blind.

  • Michael

    Anyone that says Nicki can’t sing needs to listen to her perform “Save Me” live on youtube. You’ll see.

  • jake

    Yep he is whack!

  • Life After Death

    Not Hip-Hop.