• Converse


  • biglee

    what the hell i thought bow wow ended his career lol bow wow atleast makes some good music but this nig romeo is done


    who give a fuck about lil homo


    lil bow wow aint do shit but get shook and shit himself when romeo and his cousins went after him


  • Grown Man

    romeo gets a pass from me cause of where he comes from and the people around him and this aint even that bad no limit forever

  • this nigga still alive?

  • azbe


  • Zo

    Can’t mess with dude after he took a a
    scholarship @ USC that he didn’t need or deserve. If P is cool with taking a scholarship that some kid in the hood that hoops his ass off deserve then he’s a punk just like Romeo

  • Fuck Ya Life

    I see he’s gettin back into the music since his bball career failed. Don’t matter this nigga still sucks.

  • -__-

    The nigga fails at basketball and rap, only reason he even got into USC is cause of his pops same reason he got into the rap game cause of his pops. Atleast Bow Wow got into the rap game and got where he is without the help of a celeb family member. Only reasons niggas shit on Bow Wow is cause he’s gotten somewhere as a rapper and is probably the most successful kid rapper of all time lmao, more successful than Earl, Diggy, Twist, Romeo will ever will be. And I don’t even mess with Bow Wow’s music like that just whenever I see something that MIGHT be good, but I do respect the guy

  • Converse



    Answer: Youre a clown who didnt graduate from special ed? who type like he eat crayons and lead paint?^

    O yeah dont respond back? bc I dont have time to converse with retards?

  • The Realist

    uh checked out the mixtape only like 4 legit songs and those are one with masterP cuz he 1 of the only real G’s spittin, MasterP An Gucci song dope, not bad all around, cuz i dont hate on money, yall must be sum broke bitchs HAHAHA

  • The Realist

    ^^^converse won that shit js lmao

  • abliva

    this nigga git a meek mill verse when no one knew who he was and tryna release it when meek got bigger lmao

  • Black Shady

    shit I dont know who’s the worst ; bow wow or romeo

  • Real G

    Not that bad stop hating

  • @ Fuck Ya Life, lmao. Hell yeah, his basketball failed hard as hell. I used to watch the USC games looking for that nigga and he was right on the bench. I thought that nigga had a chance. But that failed.

  • Da Truthhhhhhh

    Wack!!!!!!!!!!!!! Meek Mill had to get a check off it though but still. WacK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Word B Ball Failed, he should go back to Nickelodeon were he belong’s with his Pops

  • tris

    quit hating it aint that bad…meek mill has the best verse

  • RC

    You guys talking about the boys hoop career is foul.

    To make it on a College bench you gotta be able to play. Also USC had talent over there. Their team was set so he was going to sit on that bench anyway. Also the coach that recruited Romeo resigned for recruiting violations. So Romeo never would have gotten playtime anyway. I also heard he hurt his knee over there as well.

    Same folks commenting on his college hoops are the same folks who will say NBA benchwarmers cant hoop. Not even realizing how good you have to be to even SIT on a NBA bench. Mofos act like the world is full of Lebrons and Kobes. There are more role players in College and NBA than stars.

    As far as his rapping goes, that he sucks at. He should just play CEO and put on rapper who can actually spit. If he wants the fame, just Dame Dash it and be in all the videos.

  • The Realist

    ^word, real talk!