Lauryn Hill Reflects On The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill

Lauryn’s currently on tour performing her solo debut live in its entirety at Rock The Bells. In this clip, L-Boogie chats with Fuse on

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  • wickwickwack

    i used to blame wyclef for no other fugee album but its clear now that somebody else is to blame

  • Puerto-Black

    @Big Homie, Ms. Lauryn Hill.

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    @So Icy Boy. I need you to NEVER talk about music ever again. You’ve been Banned.

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  • Tachelle Shamash

    It seems that Lauryn has definitely been through some things,. As many I appreciate the message in her music. I wish when people post comments that they do so with intelligence.

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  • jhuntinf

    Lauren Hill….. when you coming with the some new shit though?!

  • ya ya ya

    The score and miss education of lauren hill are both classic but its clear her crazy ego has keeped her from reaching her full potential and killed the fugees.. She’s hasent put anything out in 10 years and that’s mind blowing.. She always cancells shows and shows up 2 1/2 late to the shows she does.. She has lost the plot. That’s why marley wants nothing to do with her

  • WTF

    “It spoke for a generation of people who needed or wanted it at that time.” Ain’t that the truth – You were not only blessed to be the messenger, but you were blessed with the talent to articulate the message! Thank you, Miss Hill. This album helped to improve me.

  • WTF

    “It represented a generation of people who need that or wanted that at that time.”
    Yes it did!!! Fortunately for me, it was profoundly life changing, unfortunately it was for her, too.

  • DJ Game

    what a monkey.

  • Aj

    @ So Icy Boi, you look like a bitch ass pussy ass nigga. I a smack the shit out of you. Hit you dead in yo throat bitch. Wesley Snipes lookin nigga.

  • Amadou

    Lauryn’s “Miseducation” is a classic. She could never do another thing again and it will still be a classic. Say what you want about her but how many of your favorite rappers have created “classics” —yet. Not defending her antics or her anger…yeah, she’s a trip these days, but you cannot hate on good music. Will she ever come back like before? Most people say no but you never know. Chill on the disrespect.

  • Da truthhhhhhhhh

    Icy boi type of kid who moms do drugs and bring mad different men in his life,buti agree with him on ms hill lookin like the tales from the crypt keeper ,she looks washed uped

  • Black Shady

    I really hope the female feature on COLE WORLD is Lauryn Hill. i doubt my opinion its gonna be erykah badu…but shit u never know

  • Slowbot10

    i doubt its Lauryn Hill or Erykah badu…why get either one of them to bring a song an Aaliyah vide? The only person that could do that is Missy Elliott so it gotta be her….

  • Yayyyer

    WTF are U all talking about? She made a classic. She’s a different person now but she still made a mark & sold 20 million copies on ONE album & got 6 Grammys off of it (including ALBUM OF THE YEAR) beating out Madonna & Shania Twain. Ya favorite MC never did that. So show respect & don’t even attempt to compare what she did w/ 1 album w/ any “popular” act out now b-cuz so far NONE of them came w/ a classic yet.

  • Aj

    @ So Icy Boi, yo momma a crackwhore who uses pcp. Fuck you and her bitch. Yo dad fucked you ass when you were little.

  • king of hiphop

    What a crazy nappy headed hoe… Negros lose again only good for one thing poping out little tar babies.. Even marley left this whore for a white woman.. Sorry negros

  • Aj

    @ king of hip hop, Ima get to yo powdered ass in one minute. But I got one question. Why and the hell am I the only one that stand up against this nigga and the other white racist that come on this site and say stuff about black people ? You dudes dont say shit. But anyways, king of hip hop you must be a fan of us. Why are you always on this site ? What the trailer parks caught on fire ? Or did white girls stop being sluts ? Or is this your way of escaping the dirty smell that whites have ? Why dont yall just take a bath ?

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  • darrius

    Is it me or does she look like Oprah child

  • Aaron J

    Real shit….. Here is one of the best to come out of New Orleans

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