New Video: Erick Sermon x Rick Ross “Ain’t Me”

Guess our invite was lost in the mail. In support of his mixtape, Breath Of Fresh Air, the Green Eyed Bandit throws one helluva pool party for his new video. No Ross appearance, but peep cameos from Prodigy, Fred

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  • Your mother’s “friend”

    Lmao, this is the reason rappers need pension plans

  • ColoradoKnight

    EPMD was the business back in the day. Good to see E doing his thing still.

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  • RoeLuv

    2 things: my invite was also lost (damn snail mail) – Yo @ P rockin’ the old school Adidas pull over (classic)

  • keith

    Lmao, this is the reason rappers need pension plans

    so true

  • i dont like fakes

    rapradar loves the fake rick ross he must be paying them to keep posting stuff

  • Kareem

    Baby, I’m a stuuuuuunna….I ain’t go’n change it….’cause don’t-chu-know it’s the way of life….

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  • Prodigy looked like he was dressed for a ski trip. Song’s not bad, but I guess you can’t go wrong with that sample that’s been sampled.

    Check out my humor blog:

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  • no rick ross in video. rappers need to save money

  • WATCH THE THRONE is now the SECOND best project by a Rap Duo >

  • ny2sc

    shout outs to all the long island rappers strong island stand the fuck up

  • Rick Party

    @i dont like fakes, I co- sign that homie. fuck is wrong with these dudes man.

  • The_Dynasty

    Glad to see that the Mobb Deep and Def Squad beef is over.

  • YOUR pusha

    this sounds like an old rick ross verse but still good tho

  • Goose

    Yall niggas must be gay. All I noticed about this video was the amount of thickness walkin around in bathing sutis!

  • aye man this is dope.

  • i didnt realize p was in there

  • 100%

    I was just listening to epmd’s the crossover and asking what happend to erick sermon.. Then he goes against the grain and does a track with this fraud.. Do a track with keith murrey and call it a wrap

  • jhuntinf

    This video would have been a porno if that chick in the white bikini and tattoos was in my bed

  • changeclothz

    Fred Tha Godson is tha ugliest nigga in the music industry