New Video: Lil Wayne “How To Love”

Without any heads up, MTV Jams premiered Lil Wayne’s new video, “How To Love”. Too bad the song is nowhere as good as the video. Believe it or not, Tha Carter IV drops next Monday.


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  • hopsis beats tyler


  • Shade

    B.Dot shut up you’re just one of those “old ass hip hop heads” that can’t understand anything different if it bit you on that over-sized ego of yours

  • hopsis beats tyler

    That being said good video, song still sucks.

  • Dope

    There is different as in Kanye West doing 808 & Heartbreak and making one hell of a musical piece. And then there is different as in this.. which is one crap of a song. And a good point, video is one of better wayne videos considering most of them were green screen lately.

  • Peekay

    this is a really bad song

  • Whowantwhat

    This song is still garbage..niggas that say different is talking out they ass. It’d terrible R&B! Nothing different about that

  • Ricsipop

    okay, 1st of all this trash is not hip hop

  • CapricornReligion

    You know what…..

    I’m surprised. This was a Good video. I didn’t really mind the song either I cant front. The ending was a little Corny tho. It should of just slowly faded to black when she was Hugging her Mom or Friend..

    But overall it was good. I cant wait to check out the rest of “Tha Carter 4” on Monday morning. Lol, Because i’m going to be knocked out Sunday night

  • The video is decent, but the song still sucks. I don’t know what’s worse Prom Queen or How to Love. For a guy as talented as Weezy he makes some horrible songs that end up on MTV. Makes me wonder what audience Weezy sees when he creates such garbage.

  • Dope song. Dope video…

  • rahrahrah

    Never been a little Wayne “I’m a Martian” fan, wondered what the buzz was all about. But both me and my 14 yr old niece like this song, and the video is a classic.

  • daman

    I Thought Prom Queen Was A Good Song

  • damn. not a fan but this video is hard. old school hiphop heads, crate diggers, and all us blog commenters have to accept that not every song is for us. every female i know is in love with this song and they really gone love the video. let em have it. wayne rapped to us for a while and its over. expansion and growth is the path of any artist

  • scorpion85

    this man ain’t fed up to being garbage !!!

  • April’s Very Own

    Take Care > C4.

  • CP

    do research on clixsense…

    sign up free

  • Derrick Ross

    Lol..only because how to love isn’t your style of music u consider it garbage ?

  • Get Real

    An actual video w/ a plot and storyline that fits the song? What is this the 90s? Great job Mr. Carter.


    VERY positive mesg. I loved the song from day 1..BLK folks want him to come out with something extra HARD.. then ull be the first sayin HE

  • breaks

    Shockingly good video. Wow.

  • NO

    B.Dot shut up you

  • NO

    if 50 cent or jeezy made this song they would get so much hate…………………………………………………………


    VERY positive mesg. I loved the song from day 1..BLK folks want him to come out with something extra HARD.. then ull be the first sayin HE

  • 46456f


  • Cold Inside

    This nigga is confused as fuck. Is he a blood / gangster? Is he a skate rapper? Is he Tyler, the Creator (see: recent clothes)? Is he a Martian? Is he a pop singer? Who cares? This nigga ain’t hip hop. Smh.

    Where are they now?

  • bk82

    This is joke !!!

  • W

    dope vid. dope msg. Makes the song btr. He’s doing everyting right, singles, tour, shows, tv, videos. its a poss that he out sell wtt.

  • Aw man! *tears*

  • lol

    Wow this si trash. It’s almost a country track with drum programming.


    I don’t believe people say this is dope, yet would scoff at someone else who did this.

    I got a feeling Wayne could do a Polka song and they’ll say it’s “dope”.

    Surprisingly, the buzz on this project is not that great, other than that he is popular and people knows he has album coming. My point is C4 is anticipated and lot of awareness, but that has to do with his popularity, not the album in itself.

  • RC

    Why do people use words like ARTIST, then in the same breath put these folks in to a BOX.

    Do you folks even understand the word artist?

    The same knocks you are having on Wayne can be said for like 99% ARTISTS (Rappers) in the game.

    People can legitimately say Tupac was confused as well, if we apply how you niggas talk about rap these days. He’d rap about black power, fucking hoes and partying all on the same album. But we aint gonna say that about Pac. Nas is like that too.

    Let ARTISTS create ART. Its what they do. Sometimes good messages do come from fkd up sources. Will Smith always has nice things to say in his songs, but how many of you gonna listen to him rap.

    I think folks just like to bitch about shit. Just wanna get on a blog and start complaining about shit. I guess its because negativity attracts more attention than positivity.
    I rest my case.

  • man that shit was sad. weezy made a damn movie

  • veesky

    Cool video…might’ve been perfect w/o the cheesy, “…teaching me how to love.” line at the end tho’…it’s like, alright, we get the point! lol…it’ll be interesting 2 see what the album holds. The buildup for this album is much different than it was 4 “Tha Carter III”

  • “How To Love” in my opinion is one of Lil Wayne’s best songs. It’s got a good vybe, a deep meaning, a lot of different people can relate to it in different situations too.

    I know no one will probably read this, but I’m a 16 year old rapper from the UK. I’ve been rapping for over 5 years, and I wanna deliver the exact sort of message and music Lil Wayne does. I want people to relate to my music, please, if anyone does read this check out my new single “Empty Space”

  • Me

    This song is dope…when kanye did heartless nobody said shit a buncha hating broke low iq niggaz that think videos with hoes and bottles are dope.

  • Aaron J
  • Santa

    If you say this song was wack you weren’t listening to the words. The video really made me appreciate it

  • OVO


    nice video , nice song

    C4 Aug 29th

  • Black Shady

    seriously..imagine 50 doing the exact same fuckin song. the hip hop blogs/community would go CRAZYYYYYYYYY!

    this is still wack. niggas need to stop acting like Wayne is so versatile…

  • yeah

    TunechiTunechiTunechiTunechiTunechiTunechiTunechiTunechiTunechiTunechiTunechiTunechiTunechiTunechiTunechiTunechiTunechiTunechiTunechiTunechiTunechiTunechiTunechiTunechiTunechiTunechiTunechiTunechiTunechiTunechiTunechiTunechiTunechiTunechiTunechiTunechiTunechiTunechiTunechiTunechiTunechiTunechi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! haha (:

  • biggiesmalls

    typical for weezy – pop single that is big hit. Why hate?

  • Converse

    Nah 50 would get flake on it bc he diss Rule about making pop songs? and now 50 is making/doing the same songs? he is a hypocrite who ruin his own career

    O yeah How to love>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>808 heartbeak atlest he didnt overdo the autotune

  • FeelingSpecial

    That strip club is in Hawthorne, Ca. Loving it! first The Throne in Downey, Ca with Otis and now this! Im feeling cooler by the day! LOL

  • KitKatCuty84

    Um, does LIL WAYNE know how to love? What I know of his personal life would suggest he might wanna listen to his own song…

  • Converse


    Yeah its garbage bc Joe Camel didnt make it? Am im right? Or am im reaching? Hmm the list of rappers RR are bias towards: Game,TI and Wayne? Is that it? Haha yall are a joke

  • Life After Death

    Dope vid, but the song is still whack!

  • Steems

    Sorry but the song wasnt interesting, i tried to get into it. Not even looking forward to his album because almost all of the songs on the album were songs thats already playing in the radio that already sucked. ……………………..Steems

  • BK

    Garbage song. Cheeseball video.

  • M.T

    Dope Video.

  • Sean don

    Great song dope video

  • John Doe


    CARTER IV>>>>>>>>>>>>>>YOUR LIFE

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  • James

    Great message haters gonner hate.

  • ThisIsBilly_

    #1 single, #8 single, video drops and a few days later, his album is coming out.

    Didn’t he have 2 top 10 singles when C3 dropped? Note, ‘Lollipop’ was #1 the week his album came out.

    Seems as if History’s repeating itself, apart from Wayne doing a milli. 500k

  • Big Bank Take Little Bank

    My God, this is horrible!

  • The song is okay, nice video though. Real pumped for the Carter IV this weekend. Wayne has never disappointed his fans on a Carter album. I expect this one to be fire too. If you’re looking for another source for new music, click my name to check out my blog. Thanks

  • Africa

    Lil gayne trash

  • Cali’s Finest

    Not a Fan of Wayne. but the song should Def. hit Radios….since they look for repeated hooks and No Lyrics.
    The Video is pretty Dope. about time it makes sense!
    Can’t expect much from Carter 4 tho…
    I gotta feeling some songs should be Banging


  • FreshKidME

    that’s what comes out of your mouth when Drake cums in your mouth.

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  • vibe

    niggas will b hatin on evvr1 above him dats y dey hatin on u
    weezy still nd olays b bes rappr aliv

  • zezzoi

    Niggas will hate….But this song is #6 on the Billboard Hot 100…

    Wayne is a mainstream artist. so maybe you and me aint like it much, but it still gets C4’s name out there to a whole nother audience.

  • zezzoi

    and the Lyrics are some real shit too. Just cause it’s poppy and shit don’t take away from the lyrics.

  • Craig

    Thats video of the year type stuff. That was amazing, hes going to be nominated for a grammy for this video. This would beat all of the VMA videos right now.

  • sway-z

    I don’t even like Lil Wayne anymore, not since Carter II, but I guarantee you this song is going to work for the white people to cop his shit. Just like most Lupe fans didn’t like Show Must Go On, you gotta understand that it’s not for you in the first place.

  • It’s interesting listening/reading the hate this song’s getting from “pure” Hip-Hop heads, but the love it’s getting from everyone else…

    So… I guess it really doesn’t matter what people write. If they click on the link, then they’re supporting it OR the site that’s posting it. If people buy the album, then there’s nothing you can REALLY say. Only way to make “it” go away is to…I don’t know… stop supporting it?

    Just a thought.

    I rock with the song, though. It’s different, and different isn’t a bad thing. It’s not exactly “Hip-Hop”, but it’s a decently structured song with dope lyrics.


  • Concerned Individual

    I don’t think you guys realize how intelligent Weezy is. He knows how to play to all audiences, be they teenage girls or trap niggas. He’s so versatile that he can do a song like this, which is completely out of his element, and make it a worldwide sensation. The difference in the three singles (How to Love, John, 6 Foot 7 Foot) are all really and truly different, yet they’re all hits in different circles. The dude knows how to capture everyone’s interest, thus maximizing his potential for record-breaking album sales. Some people really can’t see the whole picture….

  • Kevin Courtney

    I have not always been a Little Wayne fan, I’m old school. I still want another Tupac. But unfortunately we have to let go and cherish what he left. What he left was the Little Wayne’s and Kanye’s. Artist like these are what Pac would have called Men who are not afraid to express there artistry through the music. Who they are, a look in to the heart and soul of the man behind the music if you will. Lets look at Little Wayne for second first he likes to play an electric guitar. If you guys are such fan then you should have known he was coming out of his shell musicly then. Next going to college. Hence the hunger for knowlege. So him opening another window in side of his mind is not shocking. Its really a great job, because now I feel He is worthy of the praise. Great video and song. We need more real artist!