• zezzoi

    This nigga dont even look at the camera , he know he lying.

  • Black Shady

    LMAO listening/watching Bow Wow is hilarious. i bet even his yes men be sometimes like “shit this nigga talkin a lot of shit”

    and why these YM fruits (minus Drake) keeps recording songs with NO SUBSTANCE AT ALL? smh

    and I gave that C4 a spin today. oh my god….wtf is that piece of shit? its official : lil wayne fell off…

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  • tron

    ahahahaahhh its that nigga from the movie Holes.. zero hahaaa 3:10 ahaha Bow “wanna be weezy aka wanna be t.i.” wizzle.

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  • Chan

    Underrated my ass. This nigga is a joke. The other night they played the Bow Wow Omarion video from the album they did together on MTV. It was literally the worst thing I think I ever heard. Plus he ruins every song he is featured on( i.e. aint thinking bout you w/ Chris Brown)

  • bvggf

    This nigga dont even look at the camera , he know he lying.

    ye real talk like rick ross

  • Jayandwaynebeefismanufactured

    That nigga bow wow should of gone thru wit the suicide, cuz his career died when he hit puberty. Maybe he should do more tyler perry films lol hes such an underrated rapper lmao. 1st j.d.was molesting him, and 2nd im sure tyler perry made him put in work. Suicide > choices he made

  • Jayandwaynebeefismanufactured

    Plus its his album is looking like R.E.D. album, relying on features to sell. And out of everybody he pickd that washed up fagget bieber, he hasnt put out his own shit 4 a minute and his 15 minutes r up kinda like bow wow. Its bullshit biebers going 2 vma & other award shows with no new album. He’ll probably perform his 1 hit or that garbage ass song he did with chris brown, flirting wit each other n the video

  • NoNotToday

    RR is losing credibility. Why even put this wack ass shit up?

  • …..

    yall niaggas must be old ass hell to be hatin on this guy so much…im his age and i dont see a reason to hate…he makes music..you like it or you dont…most of you people who hate dont even participate in buying music any ways..

  • vee

    If you don’t like Bow Wow, you’re simply hating. lmao
    Now, to all you people that call people haters when they don’t agree with what you like, doesn’t that sound stupid? I personally think dude is kinda lame. But I just don’t listen, so let him do what he does.