Scott Storch Working On New Album

Watch out Khaled. In this short interview with HipHollywood, the Philly-bred super producer says he’s currently working on a “Scott Storch Presents” album and would like to have Quincy Jones and Stevie Wonder onboard. Uh, good luck with that.


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  • Afi K. James

    Even though khaled and storch are great friends.

    Scott needs to move back to miami again.

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  • Jay released or either it was leaked, a response to wayne. Jay : I heard niggas was talkin. Givin speeches like Obama. Better keep it on that Baby money. Cause niggas dont really that drama. Talkin bout kidnappin bitches. I have niggas nap ya kid and momma. I only heard a short part of it so I dont know the name of the song but hopefully Rapradar will post it soon.

  • Black Shady

    ^ HA! at least next time make up better rhymes. ur wrote some soulja boy shit bruh…

    and on topic ; Dre needs to holla at Scott to make some better beats for Detox..

  • youweirdos

    ^ Lmaooo Rhymes was weak as shit homeboy. FOH


    This jew is done.He aint whats happenin no mo.

  • Awesome

    Yoooo storch and Dre need to get back on the studio ASAP

  • If you guys think the rhymes were weak then thats cool. Those are jays words not mine. And jay is one of the greatest. This is no lie, I did hear this clip. Im trying to find a link to it now.

  • Thats an album I would mos give some burn too…. gotta agree with y’all up top too, Dre needs to holla at Storch for Detox work!! G

  • Obama

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHHAHHAHAAAHHAHAH!!!!!! This nigga CRAZY!! IRS got his nerves cooked…

  • DG

    “Cocaine is a hell of a drug”

  • Breezy

    Storch has already done work on Detox

  • Fuck Dre and Scott Scorch. Lex Luger make the best beats ever. And Gucci is GOat. swag!

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  • Derty Kevin

    Let’s not forget this guy did a lot of production for Dre during the Chronic 2001 era. Maybe if gets back on that coke this album could be decent, ha! Nah for real though Dre needs to bring Mel Man and Scott back on his team instead of all these pop producers.

  • Cali’s Finest

    IRS? the fuck you talking about!? Scott Storch is the Most Paid Producer!!
    (Right now) maybe not..but once he gets out there. dudes will Pay him a Milli for 1 beat.
    Ya’ll niggas dont know who produced some of the Greatest Hits ya Momma playing!???

  • #JewDat

  • Aj

    @ So Icy Bitch aka so icy ho aka so icy pussy, you dont do shit. Fuck the females in yo family. I ethered you on that Dmx post. Pussy.

  • Aj

    Now swag that bitch.

  • Aj

    @ So Icy Bitch, rapradar doesnt have profile pictures. You take this internet thing a lil too serious. Get a job and stop listening to Gucci Mane. And you not a gangsta. Real gangstas dont be on a computer all day, they be outside nigga.

  • GTboy

    So Icy Boi , was it not enough that you didnt know where Casablanca is .. and now you talking shit , that Mr. only1beat a.k.a Lex Luger a.k.a get-that-shit-of-my-stereo is the best ?
    maaan, stop shittin in your own mouth …

    now what ? you gonna kill me ? You too broke to buy a ticket , get a job you homeless nut.

  • G

    Did this guy really just post his facebook bio on RapRadar? What a clown. Real gangsters don’t promote themselves in such a way. fag

  • GTboy

    btw. Scotty, you know everybody** can redeem themselves with solid work … so let’s hear it 😉

    ** (ehm .. the Fat Officer cannot redeem himself ever.. but that’s a exception and you know why 🙂 hah)

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  • Nevin Shapiro? Is that you??