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  • MillaRoofa

    he didn’t even mention his own album haa

  • ColoradoKnight

    @MillaRoofa – I was thinking the same thing?

  • Weezy F F Baby, And The F F Is For Fucking Faggot!!


  • Trampkin

    the album wasn’t all that good..IMO…smh
    ..Subway giving back after laying off over 1300 people.. http://goo.gl/E8HQP $100 giftcards..s**t i grab 3 of them..lol

  • Awesome

    yeah it definitely flopped. because when an EP, NOT an album, sells almost 500k with NO PROMOTION WHATSOEVER, it’s definitely a flop.

    good try tho.

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  • tomcias10

    I wanna just say thanks cause your hate is what gave me the strength

    Fuck haters 🙂

  • Jimmy

    @ SO ICY lame BOY. Not a flop at all. Just think if they actually promated the EP as an actual full length album. EMINEM is the GREATEST of ALL TIME. gooch? Are you ten? Eleven maybe?

    EM owns all. There is NOBODY on his lyrical level. Everyone knows that.

  • suppppp

    Em brought this nigga back to life, lol. Royce is Em’s bitch.
    But he wearin’ that Gucci, I’m sure he’ll suck Em’s dick and not give a fukkkk.

  • snypz


  • Cali’s Finest

    That album wasn’t dropped by Shady Records.
    I think his Next album will be his Shady debut

  • Vodka

    SHADY 2011

  • BANG


  • Black Shady

    We only doing FESTIVALS in 2011!!!!


  • pap3rchazer

    only folks in shady records thats moving (has moved) units consistently are 50 n Em….in 2006 cashis, bobby creekwater n stat quo were original shady 2.0, slaughter house n yela are 3.0

  • tubetrain

    B.dot fucking blok that nigga so icy aint we had enough of them dum ass comments … Dude needs a life, (waits for the hater comment ) and what no promo for success is certain damn

  • RapMusic

    EM and Royce rap circles around Jay and Kanye,straight up.Hell The Sequel is just fuckin ILL,just pure fire.Kanye and Jay worked on WTT for many months and they promoted the hell out of it,it went on for many weeks.All the PR has probably cost more than they will make from the sales.EM and Royce slapped together the EP in a couple of weeks and pushed it out right away

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  • Your Mom

    @So Icy BOY, your 20 and still have no fuckin clue how to spell. Get a job you fuckin loser. I didnt know u can use food stamps for internet usage……

  • History_of_Negrum

    Royce be dissin on the young money cata

  • B

    Success is certain was a dope Lp. It was Royce’s last obligation to his independent label. Although it was independent and not on a major, it still sold almost the same amount as the Ferrari boys who happen to get radio play. Also, besides Lighters which just recently started getting heavy rotation, Hell the Sequel was released with virtually no promo. The reason why is EMs new fans are used to his mainstream pop albums so they don’t know much about his early career (8 mile) when he was a battle rapper that went head to head with other rappers on stage. Therefore Hell the Sequel was made for his early core audience who are into his raw lyrical talent. So this was not promoted to his larger audience because they would not understand the origins of his lyrical ability or the history of him and Royce da 5’9. Therefore the aggressiveness of the EP was mostly for his fans who were disenchanted with his pop material and go back to the Slim Shady days. Lastly, anyone with a brain who listens objectively would have to admit that BME is lyrical hip hop at it’s best and WHT doesn’t come close. WHT is mostly for sheep and not Jay and Kanyes best work.

  • BME

    Lighters is already a million plus. Hell the sequel bout to be gold. This was all done with just internet and twitter buzz.. To top it off they were just having fun in the studio trying to out rap each other and said; u no what, we should put this out. It was not even planned and they got gold and platinum out of messing around in the studio. Don’t get it twisted either because Royce is a beast and did his thing on the EP. The chemistry was ridiculous. That’s how it go’s, when an artist is in position it’s normal for them to put the artist on their back to transition them to their fan base. It’s called marketing.

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