New Video: Big K.R.I.T. “The Vent”

K.R.I.T. gets some things off his chest for his new video in support of Return Of 4eva. Remember in time, that Live From The Underground drops September 27th.

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  • BUNK

    That’s funny I just posted a line from one if his songs in the Kay Williams post… & this shit pops up… I would say this is my fav but the whole album is fire… For me return of 4 Eva & section 80 are the best albums that droped… These are the young gunz that are gonna be runnin hip hop… Cole= eastcoast, Kendrick=westcoast & Krit= downsouth = future kings!!!

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  • deebo

    this guy is 1 of the best things from the south

    he makes that real southern music

    he dont talk about all the fake bullshit and promote drugs etc

    just great music

    and i hope everyone will be supporting him when the album comes

  • maan… essence of da south.

  • Shits tight

  • W Stylez

    True Lyrics…. Its Nice To Hear Someone Who Is Not Scared To Speak Their Mind. Almost Reminds Me Of The OutCast 1st Album… Salute!!!

  • Citylivin’

    “If it can’t touch my soul, then I can’t listen to it.”

  • Sho Nuff

    co sign W Stylez it does sound like that old Outkast, when dude used to come on w/ the spoken word and all that….KRIT is the future

  • juandeezy

    W Stylez should be embarrassed for spelling Outkast with a “C”. Show some respect to the gods. That being said, KRIT is the truth.

  • Geography

    Hmm… apparently Mississippi up and moved to the West Coast… either that or some niggas failed their geography test

    September 25- Final Episode of Entourage/First Episode of Boardwalk Empire Season 2
    September 27- Live From The Underground/Cole World: The Sideline Story


  • Lyrikall

    WOW! It’s ironic how I was gonna make a track of me venting and name it the same exact thing but now I feel as tho I can’t. This was really touching. K.R.I.T. hasn’t disappointed me at all. WOW. Just WOW

  • bbe4eva

    @ bunk,i totally agree! cuz KRIT and K Dot 2 hard!

  • CityLivin’ I see you… thats my favorite line from this record.

  • whatever


  • Rick Party

    yeah krit, i have not heard a song of his that i dislike yet. he on some real shit.

  • SoIcyWACK

    Nigga Big KRIT isnt from the west Coast LMAO. your a clown – Malik Ferraud

  • Converse

    @bunk Cole from NC aka Souf?

    Dope. I keep ROF on repeat

  • ..M..


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