The Breakfast Club Interviews Mac Miller

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Mac Miller made his first guest appearance with The Breakfast Club on NY’s Power 105.1. Forgive Charlamagne’s insolence, but Mac explains why he’s holding out from the major labels, losing his virginity, and Donald Trump’s co-sign. Blue Slide Park coming this Fall.

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  • NoNotToday

    Charlamagne is such a dick. What type of name is that anyway? Sounds like a tranny name from the 70’s. #fucktard

  • Black Shady

    “isnt it the guy that signed with Diddy right?” – Charlemagne


    why dont I believe Mac first time story? lmao nigga u still a virgin hahahaha

    and dont get me started on that Em comparaison…

  • ColoradoKnight

    Charlamagne was mad disrespectful, but Mac took it in stride. On another note, not feelin’ his music at all.

  • Crutch

    lol charlamagne is a fool..hahaha

    Target celebrating their 30th anniversary by giving out giftcards ..up to $1000..crazy!

  • illuzion33x

    dammm mac was stoned as hell

  • Its the KING…Bitch

    Mac Miller is going to take down angela yee. I think she might be feelin him.

  • tron

    its funny this dude keep getting things wrong namin off things other white rappers been up to on purpose yet he knew Donald trump cosigned him. Its cool for this guy to do his thing and be a smart ass but this nigga wanna PLAY dumb is whack. he would def be a problem with me and my craft. get pulled out the station.

  • 6thWarddd

    Rude interview. You’re a radio dj and this kid is blowing up.

  • yaowa

    ”you don’t wan’t those Eminem comparisons cause in the long run they can hurt you, they’re gonna hear you thinking you’re as lyrical as Eminem and when they hear you they’re gonna know you’re not as lyrical as Eminem and be like ehhhh”


  • asdfasdf

    he says like a billion times

  • jadrianww

    Charlamagne is an asshole. He only tries that crap with people who won’t punch him

  • Converse

    Haha everything he said is true?!

  • armani

    Charlamagne is sureee sweating this Machine Gun Kelly dudes DICK. Mac Miller looks annoyed whenever Charlamagne or Angela interuptted him. lol