J.Cole & Travis Barker Baseball Tonight Theme Songs

Awhile back, ESPN tagged Jermaine, and now Travis Barker, to create a new version of the Baseball Tonight theme song for the 2011 Major League Baseball season. Check out both of their versions and vote here.

ESPN enlisted the help of notable musicians to provide their distinctive interpretations of the “Baseball Tonight” theme song during the 2011 season. We’ve already featured these versions of the song on air and in the ESPN Music section, but now we want you to help us crown the best version of them all.

For 11 weeks, we’ll have two artists square off in a poll for you to vote on. The winner will then face the next artist on the schedule and so on until the final week, when we’ll see who is the last one standing (full schedule at the bottom). Blink-182 drummer Travis Barker scored his second comeback victory in a row by knocking off Seether in Week 4 to earn the right to take on J. Cole this week. So vote in the poll at the right of this page now through Sept. 1


Travis Barker

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  • Hatin 101

    Of course I vote for the black man. Come on now.

  • cheddar bob

    you fuckin know the white people are gonna pick the one with the heavy guitar in it. Why even have this competition?

  • Mouse

    Cole World

  • Vote Cole!

  • Almarti5

    Theyll probably go with travis because its faster, but i like J. Coles. Cole World!

  • Bong

    They’ll probably vote for Barker’s because it’s better. Cole’s just sounds like a lazy loop+drum

  • NoSoup4Yu

    Is it Sunday yet?

  • im surprised that i actually liked cole version better i just knew barker would eat him up. the votes are surprising close

  • BluntBlowin

    Ahh voted for travis barker. Cole world no classic/album sales. Shave ya eyebrows nigga.

  • now that i think about it it should have been quest love and travis barker

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  • navo

    COles version is so much better! hah

    but of course the white man is going to win

  • real

    travis barker’s version sucks…..
    at least j cole’s version sounded like a video game of some kind of sport….

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  • VOTE J.COLE, its WAY BETTER COLEWORLD, @BluntBlowin, cut of an ear like vangol, bt suck it nd pee on it nd eat, cause u might as well not have them! COLEWORLD MAKE WAY FOR THE CHOSEN ONE!

  • Chunk

    Cole’s was a million times better. But Travis Barker is more well known, and with Blink 182 doing their comeback promo, I’m guessing he’ll win it.

  • KILL3R

    Travis’ shit BANGS way harder. Other version is a drum loop…..what? Come on now!

  • Jack

    Vote Cole

  • ChriZ

    ya everybody vote for Cole barkers is basically the same exact thing. Coles got the hop to it

  • supppppp

    Travis version fucking sucks.

  • Black Shady

    Cole World

  • Jigga man

    travis sucks dick

    Vote for my dawg J.cole

  • Cole’s version is dope, but knowing the white man, he’s gonna choose Travis’ becuase it’s faster and rock infused.

  • NorthernIreland

    cole’s is shit

  • real

    i dont even hear a beat when i listen to barker’s version… just some drums and rock guitar, and not even in a melody or some other shape….. come on now, you go to give me more than that to satisfy my ear…

  • Sam I Am

    I like Cole’s version much better but Barker’s version seems more suitable for TV……

  • Cole up 57% to Barker’s 43%

  • Converse


  • $lim$

    Why dont you racist f***s go F*** yourself..

  • JermaineCole

    going to every library, logging on every computer, and voting for cole every time