New Video: Killa Kyleon “Ballin”

With his new mixtape just five days away, Killa Kyleon releases his latest video. If you aren’t tied up by September 1, be sure to look out for Candy Plates & Texas Plates 2.

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  • Thugga

    Haaa! Slim Thugga muthafuckaaaaa!

  • hhf

    slim thug started the boss shit and everyone else has now made it a gimmick

    Killa Kyleon been grinding for years good to see people paying attention

  • Hip Hop

    Saw ol dude at a Curren$y concert. He really is dope… but nowadays its hard to stay relevant off only skills.

    crazy aint it…

  • Rick Party

    haha, he owned jeezy beat.