• PurPle slick

    these niggaz did not just post justin bieber on RAPradar……..

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  • ^^^^

  • why is this here?

  • cuz

    cause its a remix to a rappers song…

  • NoNotToday

    Uhh. RapRadar just lost what little bit of credibility it had left. #motherfuckinggoddamnFAIL

  • this is dope instro here


  • JHP

    Bieber bodied this shit, fuck u hating bitches and his bitch is a fine ass white girl, bet yall niggas ain’t got no fine ass white bitches on deck, she got some nice titties too. Word on the street he motorboated her in one of the photo booths at an industry event, I bet yall ain’t motorboating bitches at industry events, yall niggas sitting on a keyboard silently blasting his music on the low, yall just ain’t tryna tell nobody

  • ^…kill yourself..

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    Bieber’s Career > C4

  • reebok


    this is whats happening to our culture

    justin bieber getting post on rap radar

  • yesssir

    I blame Kanye and Raekwon haha

  • Almarti5

    Did he hit puberty? He sounds different

  • Tucq

    Justin B has more hoez than all of us. I bet he really does have Trust Issues. At least I know he’s not lyin.

    Plus, Drake is on the track, so that’s why it’s on here.

  • NoNotToday

    Ok wait. I listened to it 5 times straight. I think I am starting to like it. http://bit.ly/rngLcm

  • Sean Don


  • Paps

    If beiber said came out and cursed and shit, this would be just as good, even better than the original, watch out for this kid in the rap game for hooks and shit

  • Hatin 101

    Does this nigga realize he’s singin bout havin purple drank in his cup?

  • the phantom farter

    blasmphemy ^

  • Dope

    Now I’ve never been the one to bitch about ”PopRadar” and all that, bu COME ON.. bieber kid.. damn.

    It doesn’t matter if it’s a remix of Gangsta’s Paradise or fucking Hit ’em up, it ain’t supposed to be here, it’s just wrong, it’s blasphemy.

  • Jessica

    @JHP is a white boy/virgin who like females with boyish figures.

  • Cali’s Finest

    Crap Radar is Pushing More Mac Miller & Justib Biever than their heroes Kanye & Jay
    btw, this nigga Biever looks like a Fuckin Fag!!
    tell me i’m wrong?

  • NoNotToday

    Never mind it sucks. #jeasuslovesme

  • still best rite now!!

    he wanted to cuss so bad..ha!

  • wsiok

    This is just wrong. Now i know why i was never listenin to him. This is so bad. Oh man


    This is a new low, Rap Radar.

  • sck

    This lil homie going through puberty. Ha!

  • Blaze

    Beiber bodided this joint if it was anybody else ya’ll would say its dope…and i dont listen to beiber at all but he killed this joint good music is good music no matter who makes it

  • Almarti5

    I predict a new RnB singer. My opinion

  • hes on one…

  • B. Emerson 909

    Fuck Bieber..who is the female?

  • Justin bieber out rapped chris brown…haha…he really looks like a fag.

  • Jayyy

    Not even gonna lie… dude sounds alright on this. He should make songs like this instead of that 13 year old pop shit.

  • W Stylez

    If this was Usher or Trey Songz Most Of The People Commenting on Beiber cause he is white and on a rap site… This song will go further than your hate and types… This Shit Rocks…. The problem is that people dont LISTEN to music … To Judgmental…. Make a song better and make it on the charts… Ill Wait

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  • Yoko_Ono

    Silena get yo man gwarl..

  • courtney

    this is whats up