DMX Post Jail Freestyle

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Hours after DMX’s arrest last week, the folks over at XXL

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  • H.N.I.C

    Counting down…i wonder how many days/hours till he end up back in jail?..i say less than a week.

  • Jones


  • Da truthhhhhhhh


  • 313

    Yall are fuckin faggots hatin on X. This freestyle went harder then your favorite rappers whole album. DMX gonna drop another classic.

  • Brutally honest

    @313 , let’s hope so, he still got that 98-99 flow; in today’s music economy … people won’t gravitate towards. No !!!!, I’m not a fan of the rappers out know; but if X wants make an impact again. He’ll have to change his flow up a little

  • Hatin 101

    Just go back to prison nigga. It’s where you’re meant to be.

  • Black Shady


    it seems like we’ve been over this over and over again..for the last 10yrs

  • john

    Dmx…nigga better than lil wayne, tyler the creator, lil b, game, combined. i fuck wit this..

  • john

    honestly tho..yall niggas sayin hes a crack head and hes meant to be in jail is stupid as shit…yall dont kno that nigga… he strugglin…battling, stronger than yall fagots behind these computers will eva b

  • dmx please stay out jail people routing for you .. and your flows are original like odb was all over the place but amazing…

  • john

    @ brutally honest…he wont have to change his flow…dumbest shit ive heard tha whole today..congrats!

  • tron

    @313 haha right?… really counting down the days til a dude ends up in jail? ok nigga get a life then. talkin about another dudes drug habit? ok nigga get a life then

  • mr_swagyomomma

    Damn this made me the miss old X! Raw as hell! Stay clean my nigg!! Let us pray.

  • Da truthhhhhhhh

    X got wack after the 2nd album


    Too much dik talk. Faggin out.

  • Anon DCPL

    I’ll take a few dmx bars over most of the faggot ass niggas getting shine right now.

  • B.M%RE

    this is what hip hop needs….X marks the spot

  • Buju “From Jail” Banton

    Real Shit, this goes over queer ass skinny jeans wearing teens

  • Truth83

    hope he gets back on track

    top 10 mcs of all time

    top 5 in the 90s early 2000s

  • GR

    X still got it for sure. Stay strong and out of jail and get the album out! Whoever said he should change his flow is crazy, you can’t be changing X into some generic rapper.

  • HK


  • 0lado

    someone said he’s talkin to jay-z at 2:19

  • dadankness


  • biggiesmalls

    @dadankess intro intelude and outro are one song genius…

  • Damn Homie 2.0

    still one of the best voices in hip-hop… don’t sleep on X.. he got demons, we all do.. we just don’t hear about it when you get sent home from target for flippin out on someone in the automotive department.

    Let this dude live.. yall wack ass idiots always rooting for someone to fail.. cuz yall jealous like bitches. Be real, that verse he spit was tight. IF it wasn’t DMX and it was some little boy in tight nut hugger pants and a sponge bob t-shirt that is extra small yall would be calling the nigga the best rapper alive.

    People will probably sleep on his album.. and the music will continue to die and get worse.. go ahead and ride with the new kids… once upon a time niggas was fighting for tickets on the titantic too.. ..

  • Crackdatshit

    nice verse X

  • Hanz Zimmer

    imagine having this dude up in your face when battling id be shitting myself for real.. dont know what the fuck he gon do lol bite my finger off and start smoking it en shit

  • Gi Joe

    That shit was vicious. Thats real HIP HOP you new age faggots! Good shit X.

  • LoveChild

    Keep ya head up and Most High’s blessings to you….

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