Houston Mayor Announces “Bun B Day”

Thanks to Bun B’s philanthropy and volunteer work, Houston Mayor Annise Parker, is bestowing the Trill O.G. with his own day (August 30th). Bun will receive his official proclamation tomorrow afternoon at Houston’s City Hall. Happy holiday. Ha!

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  • rajon chrondo

    I celebrate bun b day with a fat doobie and a glass of yak

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  • Wasting

    Bun B is overrated.

  • SSD

    Bun B is awesome, when he’s on a track he just stands above everyone else. His lyrics are awesome and his style and flow is really clean. Definately one of the great rappers still keeping Hip-Hop alive. IMO he deserves something like this. Kinda weird naming “Bun B Day” though, especially to those with no idea who he is lol.

  • Damn guys be positive just one in ur life, this is a good thing. Be happy happy for him or just shut the f*ck !


  • Cali G

    Cool……K rino >>>>>

  • IIG

    Bun B is from PAT but props anyway. I wonder if he’ll do something similar to Trae Day.

  • Da truthhhhhhhh

    Shouts to texas thats whats up

  • catcher freeman

    this is one person, who gets deserves all the accolades he receives, Happy Bun B day

  • Wasting

    Bun B looks more like Santa Claus than a gangsta rapper.

  • Black Shady

    shout out to Bun B

    but seriously he is overrated. but i aint taking shit from him. nigga helped a lot of niggaz…

  • NYRun

    Damn NY don’t even get a jay z or bigge day ? Lol & yes K rino > Bun scarface 3000 or any one else from the south easliy

  • this day will become more greater then martin luther king…bun bis a legend with multiple hits and albums…he has more classics then jay -z…

  • Money mitch

    Yeah his newer stuff is ehh but supertight and riding dirty are classics

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  • Chubby

    Bun B’s verse on “Murder” >/= your favorite rappers best verse ever…. #rippimpc

    Hopefully he changes it to ‘UGK Day’

  • Stop

    Stop…….Stop…….Bun doesn’t Have More Hits than Jay z But I want to see them colab again

  • Blood of a slave…

    Undergroundkingz (double LP)=classic to me

  • troy

    Well deserved.

  • Black Shady

    Chubby says:
    Monday, August 29 2011 at 2:45 PM EST

    Bun B

  • Money mitch

    have you listened to murder? That’s an all time pre club song it’s on some nas take it in blood get me hyped shit

  • Real Talk

    How the hell is Bun B overrated?

  • Im so excited for Bun and his family

    Cant wait to say happy Bun B Day.

  • richyrich

    HATERS GONNA HATE, doesn’t matter that he’s the hardest working OG around, doesn’t matter he was pioneer in the southern/houston sound, doesn’t matter he was one of the first southern artists to get on the national stage, doesn’t matter he’s brought up as much young talent with him as possible without causing beef, doesn’t matter he’s one of the most family and community oriented rappers out there, doesn’t matter that instead of wasting money and acting the fool he takes care of his step children, and it doesn’t matter that through all the strife and trouble he went through to get to where he is he never over glorified himself and always gave credit where it was due…

    congrats B, you deserve all you got, Happy Bun B/UGK Day

  • Jerry Macon

    I’m glad he finally got this. Bun B has been doing his part in the rap game and in the city of Houston since he has been in relevance, which has been a long time. He been consistant for years and I’m happy for him. Well desserved!!

    Congrats Bun B!

  • Jerry Macon

    I feel like Bun B has deserved this for years now. He does a lot for the city of Houston and his raps have been just as consistent as his dedication to teaching the younger people in society today.

    Congrats Bun B! UGK 4 Life…RIP Pimp C

  • dez

    trae and bun, salute

  • UGK

    I want Bun to come out in his acceptance speech and ask the people to refer to it as UGK day. I wouldn’t be surprised if he did it, either. RIP Pimp C. Congratulations Bun B.

  • GR

    this is a positive look for hip hop

  • GW

    Bun B has done allot not just in the rap game, but in our community. This is well deserved. Congratulations Bun B!

  • angela

    i am so proud to be from Houston i hope other Houston icons will follow in his foot steps and set a good example for the youth of our wounderful city thank you Bun B!!!

  • Koolaid

    My nigga, you deserve it. Of all the years of success you and pimp had, I know you’ve given back to the community in more ways than we as fans know. Congrats Mr.Bun, pimps up hoes down!

  • Christine

    Way to go BUN B! Port Arthur loves you.

  • Gail Meaux

    I was Bun’s high school counselor. I am extremely proud of his accomplishments.