No I.D. Named Def Jam A&R VP

For years, producer No I.D. has been the man behind the boards. But now, he’s taking his talents to the boardroom as an Executive Vice President of A&R at Def Jam.

I’m (now) executive VP of Def Jam. I’m going to keep on doing what I’m doing and take it to another level.Def Jam is a cultural staple. It’s not just a label, it’s part of the culture that I came up in and that I’ve been involved with for 20 years. It’s very important that the next generation of executives grab it by the horns and keep it on track as it grows.”


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  • dmfslimm

    oh boy here we go….

  • Sam from FL


  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    But Congrats to NO I.D. dude is mad talented.

  • congrats

  • IDJ is really trying to hold on to their “Cultural Icon” status, by signing all of these “cultural icons” to these “Honorary Positions”, cuz we know they won’t have any REAL power…

    They need to hire some people with a real balance of what’s going on in 2012’s music and business worlds, as well as what’s going on with ever changing technology game.

    You can’t just do “music”. And you can’t just jump on the latest bandwagon. Only selling music is gonna get you absorbed.

  • OEasy

    One of my favorites. Hopefully he can right that ship.

  • Zo

    Def Jam is trying to get back to the late 90s which will never happen. They had a roster that was the best @ a time where the music business was @ it’s best.
    Jay, DMX, Ja, Meth&Red, LL. That was an all-star team.
    Now they have Ye, Ross, Jeezy & Rihanna which is pretty good too.
    They don’t need to worry about their starters. It’s those second tier artist that they never wanna push that seems to be where they can’t get right.

  • Donn


  • The Prophet

    Titular and nothing more. If artists were really execs at these labels, hip hop/rap would have crashed and burned a long time ago.

  • hope he gets it going and reads this first move sign static..

  • bomber

    He makes dope beats, so he MUST know how to run a record label….right? The Def Jam spiral downward continues

  • Get Real

    At some point Universal/Def Jam just gonna have to apologize for snubbing Lyor and write him the biggest check to comeback to the house he built while letting Russ get all the shine. I’m sold on No I.D.’s production ability but not his business acumen. #knockitoff

  • sway-z

    The more niggas that actually lived hiphop music in the boardroom is nothing but a plus. I still can’t shake the vision of Hov in that MTV diary episode playing the Dynasty album for a room full of people who have no idea about none of the shit he’s talking about on there. And they’re making decisions? FOH

  • FTW

    Congrats….dope accomplishment.

    But…I’m interested to see how he’s going to “keep doing what he’s doing”. What’s the responsibilities of an Executive Vice President at Def Jam anyway? Can’t serve two master at the same time. Honestly corporate entertainment politics are more complicated than I would care to understand. I’m sayin’ guys like Lucian Grainge are crazy deep in the game.

    Good luck (c)

  • LEEK

    I’m I the only one that feels Irv Gotti is the best person for any Def Jam exec position?

  • Brutally honest

    Congrats, but I really need to understand the duties of what he’s title will have him doing at Def Jam ? Because to “bring back the essences” of Def Jam is pretty much done when your top artists are fmr. c.o.’s pretending to be drug dealers, fmr. trappers , who are now rappers & an overabundance of r&b singers. What Def Jam should do if I were them, is re-activate the “Def Soul” sub-label for the r&b/pop acts. Like before when Lyor, Kevin & Russ did back in the mid- 90’s

  • Yo, this isn’t him “running a label”. He’s Vice President of A&R. He’s basically in charge of stocking up Def Jam’s pool of talent before they decide who they want to push out of that pool and who they want to shelve and/or let go. (its lot more to it & etc..I know…) He’ll have a heavy say in who they sign, but he’ll most likely get his marching orders of WHAT TYPE of artist to sign from someone in a higher pay grade than him.

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  • MudaMill

    so Im expecting jeezy album now.

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  • realstreetmont

    Irv Gotti would be the most level minded person music wise to get Def Jam back on its feet. Very active in the streets as well as business.

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  • Mitch McGehee