• Drake

    Trust Issues

  • Donn

    Iconic! Do your thing RiRi

  • Foregon

    damn that shit looks too real…great job..
    Dell giving free laptops because of a defect on 10,000 computers.. http://goo.gl/3DjHM 4 next 24 hours only..shit i got 2..lol

  • G

    I’d wax Rihanna anywhere

  • Your mother’s “friend”


  • LovesAllMusic

    I literally would have sex with this statue.

  • Jordan Cohen

    She’s plastic to begin with so not really a stretch.

  • Wasting

    I wanna sex with the waxed Rihanna.

  • Coroner

    Why is she dressed like a slut?

  • @ Coroner

    Why do you have a penis in your mouth?

  • Dope

    ^^^ ’cause that’s how she dresses in videos and concerts anyway

  • Black Shady

    If I could wife anybody in the music industry (minus Beyonce), it’d definitely be Rihanna!!!

  • Hip_Hop_Schola

    @Black Shady Rihanna would the last industry broad I’ll put ring on, not saying I wont f^ck her if I had the chance. But she is a maneater and she’ll cheat on your ass 24/7.

  • Da truthhhhhhhh

    Rihanna =wHORE

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  • A

    VERY misleading title…

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  • Realnigggah

    Tf is this shit u fagit niggas really felt the need to put this on here a fukin rap blog


    No boobs and no camel toe? :-/ lol