Bun B Day Ceremony

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It was a great day in Houston today as Bun B was honored by Mayor

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  • …..

    this the best day ever…is school off on this day?
    fuckin amazing legend…has done so much for hiphop…top 5 dead or alive…tupac couldnt fuck with him…i mean think about all the classic solo albums he has…

  • …..

    lil b deserves his own day too…if there giving them out swag!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • Truth (The real one)

    It get’s no realer that this….

  • LA

    Houston honoring a self-proclaimed drug dealer.
    Give him the “keys” to the city.

  • Why does this fatt ni99er get a day cuz he raps about hustling and hoes…you dumb fukks eat this shyt up cuz yu think it really means sumthang…haha that’s why mayates will always be looked at as uneducated second class monkey lookin citizens keep praising this ni99er why yu fukks content that obama doesnt get a day but proud that this dumb monkee does BWAHAHAHA FEEL SORRY FOR YOUR KIND and watch my comment stay up too cuz these money hungry ni99ers who run this site is all bout money and not about defending their race…

  • Why does this fatt ni99er get a day cuz he raps about hustling and hoes

  • young hov


  • Da truthhhhhhhh

    yo real shit though , the kkk HQ is not far from there the leader of some shit in the town close to houstan or PA , Texas is real country B.

  • duzzie

    aint no kkk in houston

  • Ron

    Yeah Lil B Does Need He’s Own Day

  • Omar

    ha ha thats me in the middle of the shot wearing the brown shirt…I took some way better shots than these…how do I submit?

  • Gadfly

    I see Sancho trollin…y’all hatin???

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  • STRIK9

    Slim should get a holiday then.He made Detroit a bleep on the rap radar.Nobody but Esham and Dayton family did shit outta michigan before him.Fuck I.c.p.

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  • AMc

    Well deserved honor, it isnt just about rap either, he picked his game up and elevated his reach beyond rap to become a pillar in the community and a positive influence to the future. noone else in the game right now deserves this more. esp not lil b

  • Converse


    RIP PimpC

  • Trill….

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