New LP: The-Dream Terius Nash 1977

The-Dream’s last album was released over a year ago. But instead of prolonging any longer he drops off his free LP, 1977 Make like 2011, and peep the tracklist and download link after the cut.


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  • pity


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  • BluntBlowin

    The Weeknd>>>>>>The Dream

  • Loaded

    ^ keep ur opinions to yourself bitch but…

    Better than any j.cole song dats for sure

  • ehhh

    production was nice, a few good tracks here and there definitely you can tell “The Weeknd influences throughout. overall this album is to depressing for me to listen to though.

  • breaks

    I love that you keep promoting this with a strikethrough on “The-Dream” in the headlines. He is such a douche.

  • itsMe

    “Thursday”…ovoxo “Echoes of Silence” coming this fall

  • Jermaine


  • Ghost

    he might be a douche but he’s pretty talented

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  • Wasting

    Not rap. Not good. Wack!

  • Wasting

    This is not rap… wack!

  • rushmore309

    Can someone please give me an mp3 of track 10, This Shit Real Nigga feat. Pharrell…I can’t get it to extract correctly off of the site. PLEASE????????

  • BK’s Father

    what the fuck is up with the J cole Hate?
    This isn’t even a J Cole Topic! Hahahaa
    what has the guy ever done to you broke niggas to be saying his name 24/7!?!?
    anyways, The Dreams Career is DEAD like T-Pain’s

  • rushmore309

    MP3 of Pharrell track…please!!!

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  • Ghost

    Yeah me too on the pharrell track thanks!

  • Craig

    The Dream is a good songwriter and singer. The first album I’m actually listening to of his and hes really good.

    #1 and #2 are really good
    #3 didn’t really like
    #4 really catchy Big Sean did good (radio hit sound).
    #5 Really smooth love song(his drunk song)
    #6 Ok for my taste (has some autotune)
    #7 Nice Slow Jam(with old school feel) Casha is good on this one unlike #6 and shes alone
    #8 Good
    Its missing #10
    #11 A Low energy close out (sleepy song)

    I give it a 7.5 to 8.0 out of 10 Good LP.

  • Ultrakid

    [email protected] comparing Dream to Weeknd, smmfh. Love vs. Money > your life

  • Wasting
  • Wasting

    ^ This Shit Real Nigga (ft. Pharrell)

  • Wasting

    10 – This Shit Real Nigga feat. Pharrell

    MP3 Version:

  • Wasting

    I’m real.

    P.S. This album sucks. Gay shit. no lying

  • aw man… THANK YOU! DOPE mixtape fo sho!

  • dll32

    awesome mixtape. talented bro. +1

  • daman

    @ehhh Dont say the weeknd influenced The Dream because before anybody knew who the weeknd was, The Dream was making those sexually explicit, romantic & depressing albums. They are in the same boat but the dream was doing ut first

  • Honestly The Dream has been doing his thing before The Weekend was even known, just because he is the new fad for a couple months don’t start saying people are copying him, because Dream has been doing this.

  • HollyWood

    @ ehhh. You said you can hear the weeknd influences. Really?? Lmao! Did you just start listening to music yesterday? I’m a huge weeknd fan, but the weeknd sounds like he’s been influenced by the dream. Heavily.

  • Word

    @Loaded Lol you really gonna compare a RnB singer to a rapper? smh

    Anyways, I use to fuck with Dream for his first two albums…mainly his first, imma DL this and see wassup.

  • Reefan beans

    got some pretty good tracks on here…
    Dell giving free laptops because of a defect on 10,000 computers.. 4 next 24 hours only..shit i got

  • pillie jack

    The Dream was out 4 years before the Weeknd douche . Check the Weeknds interview the name the Dream as people he likes. I guess you think Wayne invented skateboarding and Keisha Cole is the Queen . I hate when wack ass people hop on the new guys [email protected]@@k .

  • Tha Truth

    The first Time I heard The Weeknd I could tell he was influenced by The Dream-

    THE END-

  • [email protected] dream stans

    The-Dream is complete shit. Regardless of who came first or who copied who, The Weeknd is infinitely more talented, and has an infinitely less annoying voice.

  • clbobe

    Probably the most talented guy making music today. You dummies have no idea.

  • clbobe

    Who hasn’t this guy written records for? I like The Weeknd but he’s no where near as talented as Terius Nash. You know, the guy that has written or produced hits for Usher, Mary J. Blige, Mariah Carey, Justin Bieber, Rhianna, Jaime Foxx, J. Holiday, Chris Brown, Beyonce, Jesse McCartney, Ciara, etc…

  • Lucci P.

    Who the fuck is The Weeknd?!?! oh maybe i need to search

  • clbobe

    And why is Body Work/Fuck My Brains Out not on here???!!!

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    @Lucci P. Don’t feel bad i don’t know who the weekend is myself.

  • RC

    1st and foremost if you dont think The Weeknd has The Dream DNA in his music, youre fkn retarded.

    Thats like saying Trey Songz didnt go full on R Kelly to sell. Or NeYo dont know who the hell Michael Jackson is.

    Dream fell off? So writing number 1 hits for other people is falling off?

    Niggas these days man.

  • drakesucks

    WOW you know how much i hate gay pop shit (YEAH IM TALKING TO YOU AUBREY!!!) but this album is fucking DOPE!!! 10 out of 5 stars!!!

  • ST

    Who the hell is Weeknd? Every single Dream album has been dope. Not sure why he said Love King was rushed because I thought it was extremely dope.

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  • bbe4eva

    i enjoyed all ov The Dream albums… even Love King,which people didnt like 4 sum reason but it was tight 2 me…
    and as far as The Weekend vs The Dream thing… i think The Dream is better in my opinion…
    1 he a hit maker and great songwriter and he came 1st
    2 he has better music sonicly,his shyt bumps a lil more 2 me…but thats jus my opinion…

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