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  • john

    this guys films everything except his real life

    its easy to see what sort of person he is from his actions and who he hangs with

    his fans ae just living in denial

  • graffiti bandit


  • skyhigh07

    What song is that?

  • Brutally honest

    You’re 100% right @john, I wonder why his cameraman never added in the clip about him letting his goons approach Kreayshawn about her diss to him. Than Ross himself, lllloooollll

  • Anon DCPL

    fraudulent ass nigga.

  • Haterade drinkin all you hating. that was an extraordinary clip of a video with stars everywhere. just appreciate the dream

  • Sam I Am


    “dream”? you’re right about that, so wake your dumbass up

  • Sam I Am


    “She Will”

  • YOUR pusha

    i love these maymach music vlogs, i think they do the best ones, if not tell who?

  • Mr. G

    I smell hater kids up in here!! Ross the Bawse!!

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  • #LAME

  • yessir

    Beefed with g-unit and never confronted a single member.. 50 cent spent the day with officer rickys babies mother and first born and still didn’t confront him.. Flloyd mayweather comfronted him at a party and officer ricky ran and hide behind puffy and said we have no problems.. Young jezzy went to miami visited both south beach and little haiti ( both areas officer ricky reps) and said ross isn’t shit… The real freeway rick ross checked this fraud… But this idiot sends body guards to size up a little white girl.. He couldn’t even step up.. This wanna be biggie tries to flex on a 5 foot white girl.. Lmao at this punk.. Step to a man not a little girl u fucking studio thug.. Nobody checks for him in miami… Pitbull has more credit in miami than this weak fuck