Game The R.E.D. Album Hits Number One

Jay-Z and Kanye West have been dethroned. After seven days, Game’s fourth LP, The R.E.D. Album has moved 97,879 copies, giving him his fourth straight number one album. The project ousted Watch The Throne by just 3,301 units. Congrats, Chuck. Here’s what he said via a statement:

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  • Coroner

    He deserves to be #1!

  • young hov

    I thought it was four #1 albums.. *shrugs*

  • 97k? C’mon, that’s horrible!

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  • Hip Hop Fan

    97k is awesome considering. No one really buys albums anymore. They steel em. Congrats Game. You got my money.

  • Blood of a slave…

    Congrats.qualitywise it’s one of my favorite this year.

  • Dood

    I remember his new years resolution of 2010 was to sell more than 50’s BISD. Sorry Jayceon.

  • Reefa bean

    the album is cold…so he deserves it…well put together..
    Dell giving free laptops because of a defect on 10,000 computers.. 4 next 24 hours only..shit i got

  • Wasting

    Flop. Next album 10K. Ha!

    Watch the throne!


    Glad to see dude #1. Hope he goes plat again.

  • biggie

    Good numbers considering its real hiphop shit & not faggot wayne pop shit

    Game is one of very few real rappers left

  • d rabbit


    an yall know RED > WTT >>>>>>>>>>>>>C4 realtalk

  • kimmige

    nigga deserved to do 300k this album is a classic ima buy it proly next week

  • quon

    album of the year i cant even hate

  • cole world

    fuck jay & ye…. finally a real nigga on top

  • cole world

    oh & yea this is album of the year so far… until COLE WORLD DROP gheeaa

  • westside

    dope shit #1

  • stillR.E.D

    300k worldwide

  • vee

    Interesting. Funny though, the Throne did almost his 1st week numbers in its 3rd week. I haven’t listened to it, so I don’t have an opinion of Game’s joint. It shall remain that way, too.

  • raw rap

    i think he deserved more .. but people nowdays likes retards with zebra pants smh

  • pity


  • flamaaa

    aye this is a really dope album yo

    cartr 4 is the worst album of all time & its gona do 750k first week

    rest in peace hip hop -_-

  • Hypnotics

    Have to admit, its much better than Carter IV and Watch the Throne

  • Capeman

    @Hypnotics x2, after all the delays, RED delivered.

  • oily skin

    this did dope numbers worldwide just over 300k so Game is actually winnin…. america gona kop a a million Carter4s LMFAO thats pathetic

  • nigger

    @Capeman co sign…. this is album of the year so far haters cant even front doe

  • wow!

    97 k is horrible. ya no one buys albums anymore but cmon thats straight trash for #s. game fell of a while ago and whats sad is he’s done it all to himself. Its a shame..really is. He used to b one of my top but lets be real. Not much anticipation for this album. And how many times was it pushed back?? DONT FOOL YOURSELVES… yes its harder to sell albums now days but any top artist should be able to pulll at least 150 to 200k without much effort. This makes it official in my book -GAMEOVER!!

  • michelle

    WOOOP #1 ^_^

  • mac DIESEL




  • MLK

    coo shit… v dope album

  • Steems

    Watch the Throne sold 94,578 its 3rd week…thats wassup, Game is actually lucky cuz he only beat Jay and Ye by 3,301 copies. Keep in mind, 3rd week and they almost platnum…Game is good, but not great, just good. He shouldve been bigger by now but he’s not. Maybe he need to diss Jayz more for more attention…………….Steems

  • nigger

    @mac DIESEL are u on crack or sumn or u got add or sumn? lmao u always capslockin & shoutin calm down child lol

  • frenimie

    dope album

  • KYOD

    Did you guys really like this album? I wasn’t really feeling WTT till I went back and listened to it after the Carter 4 disaster, and honestly (with the benefit of comparison), it sounds a lot better now. But I thought RED was garbage the first time I listened to it, and I still thought it was garbage on it’s second try.

  • PrincePolo

    thats ain’t that bad . i thought he will do around 50 or 60 .

  • wizzard

    @KYOD if u took the track with wale off… & the track speakers on blast…. id prolyy give RED 5 mics realtalk…. & ima Ye fan im from chi & i agreed with the 4 mics WTT got….

    RED is perfectly sequenced & some of them tracks are like really some goat songs man Ricky & the intro man holy fuck i aint a game fan but when i heard them tracks i was like oh my fuckin god

    RED = 4.5 mics
    WTT = 4
    C4 = lowest rating whatever that is…. half a mic or whatever

  • Lil Majer The Cartune

    Numbers are a bit lower than I expected… But congrats on the spot! This makes another one I had to cop right at 12am when it released on iTunes! Proud to be a part of his success!

  • Bone chronic

    R.E.D is a very dopest hip hop album of the month, WTT is also very good. C4 is the worst hip hop album of the month IMO

  • Bone chronic

    R.E.D is the dopest hip hop album of the month, WTT is also very good. C4 is the worst hip hop album of the month IMO

  • Africa-Rules

    WTF !!! Lil gay Carter worst rapper and album of all time project 800K

    RIP Music

  • Da Truthhhhhhh

    Can you say Flop?

  • Willie_mcfly22

    Cant really comment on RED. Havent heard it yer but congrats to dude…he still doin his thing. Dude talk a lot shit but he backin it up

  • damone

    Haters keep saying Jay and Ye not real game is…. What you stupid because he still in the Hood broke and a hater that still rips being a blood in 2011. Y’all need to step ur game up. WATCH THE THRONE BABY. BLACK EXCELLENCE


    good for him but i still say its his worst album

  • Dashing

    Red Album is waaaay too long. You people saying it’s the album of the year, do ya’ll listen to these tracks

    “Hello” (featuring Lloyd)
    “All the Way Gone” (featuring Mario & Wale)
    “Speakers on Blast” (featuring Big Boi & E-40)
    and all of the freaking skits

    It wasn’t even the best WEST Coast album of the summer….

    Section 80 all day.

  • madeugag

    cmon r.e.d is a good album but sells r waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay down..

  • rodipipes

    I know peoplr don’t like game’s bipolar character but when it comes to making albums he is one of d most consistent rappers. Can’t get enough of RED and I love WTT too, with C4 I love some songs nt d whole album.

  • Toon

    Damn, only 97k…How the fuck is C4 projected to sell 850k+ when R.E.D. completely murked it…Fucked up.

  • jskippy

    dont get it twisted that 97,000 is only US numbers. He did about 300,000 worldwide.

    which was an argument I made about WTT, it did under 500,000 in the U.S alone.

    world wide?? It did way more.

    Congrats to Game.

    and I hope C4 does reasonably too, despite my not liking it.

  • tr

    I was impressed with The City and Ricky. Especially the live instrumentation on Ricky.

    Congrats to The Game.

  • mac DIESEL

    @ nigger



  • D

    very solid considering he had no big singles

  • ThisShitRightHereNigga


  • Mike IE

    He proved me wrong. Aftrer LAX and his lackluster mixtapes, and the 500 bars, I was worried the RED album would take the same approach. But damn this dude when he takes his time, knows how to make and album.
    This album by far exceeds Watch The Throne, The RED you feel games hunger still after 4 albums. He rhymes very underrated. He loves Hip Hop and you feel it on the album.
    It would be easy for this guy to flop, It seems when he is not making albums, He does things that make you question him. The tattoo, his brother, he the 500 bars, ending beefs with tyler and chris brown, hinting and ending the beef with 50. It makes you wonder where dudes head is at, Then BOOM he releases a Classic cd. Respect to Game. Who needs Detox ? When you got R.E.D.

  • Black Shady

    when 50 does 160k its a flop

    but when game does 97k its “very solid”

    yeah…..a flop is a flop son!

  • datruth

    his last album did 250k his new one did 90k and thats good keep lowering the bar

    50k next album and yall know it

    C4 gone shit on this next week

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  • datruth

    that nigga aint do no damn 300k worldwide lmao

  • disiknes803

    It was a great album. I was a little sceptical when i listened to the RED album but that Kendrick Lamar song…..CLASSIC!

    You couldn’t pay me to listen to WTT. As for C4, is he Pop or Hip Hop. I think its pop, and so is WTT.

  • Bklyn’s finest

    Album was ok….. Nothing special….way better than C4 tho

  • stillR.E.D

    ^50 is garbage,coon.^

  • Bklyn’s finest

    Lol i cnt believe u guys… Nowadays an average album drops n ya so quick to call it a classic…. 6/10 at best for RED


    Lol i cnt believe u guys

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  • RK

    Ha the Throne off the top after 2 weeks? And you call Game a flop, they’re meant to be the ”greatest rappers alive”…

    R.E.D. > WTT

  • Capeman

    @Black Shady, that was 5-8 years ago, it’s 2011, not as many people buy albums legit

  • mac DIESEL

    @ SO Icy Boi


    ….C4 IS HOT TRASH!!!!


  • BLV

    #1.. Come on.. Who cares.. 97k . Flop

  • drakesucks

    i dont see where a #1 position can be a FLOP?!?!?!

  • dmfslimm

    fucking right. best album of the year so far. ricky is the hardest song out.

  • g max

    @Black Shady …u mad

    50s album flopped numbrs & QUALITY wise…. everybody with a brain can hear hear the undeniable quality of this RED album…

    Quality > Sales ……. im im im on it xD

  • The Prophet

    It was a solid album. Bought a copy on release day. The problem with hip hop fans is that they would rather download an album than support their favorite artist. He has 633k Twitter followers and you mean to tell me that only 97K of them bought a disc, some bought multiple copies so what does that tell you?

    BISD did sell more its first week but unlike the Game, 50 had a huge single in “Baby By Me” and two years ago, hip hop sales were bad but they weren’t as bad as they are now.


    this did 300k worldwide…. aint no flop

    the U.S busy buyin carter 4 lmao america is a joke

  • fireeeeeeeee

    Firstly congrats chuck, for debuting at number 1 where you deserve to be for not selling your soul and not destroying hip hop and staying true to your roots. How can you hate on such a good album, just because the man is out spoken cant deny is talent, he is a legend of hip hop i dont give a fuck what you internet gangsters have to say about that. When this man retires you will all be like ohhh remember game he was soo ill.
    Finally illmatic went platinum 15 years after it dropped. so is it a flop? Quality over quantity
    GAME FOREVER that is all!!!

  • jayz

    #1 album…. cant hate

  • Geez

    Watch The Throne=Pwned!

  • StudioThug

    I just want to say fuck ZoomZoom

    Congrats Game. Shit on these niggas

  • Converse

    RED is a dope album? but Game needa stope impersonating other rapper on the track with him?

    And you niggas tripping C4 is what it is? Wayne spitting punchlines? while Game storytelling? niggas wanted storytelling but he gave them the opposite? still a dope lp niggas just hating

    O yeah 97,000 isnt a flop? no hit single but alot of publicity?

    If this is a flop? then what is?Wtt? 200,000+ for each if you divide? Wiz sold more so fuck yall RED #1

  • Kill

    Somebody please link me to ANYTHING that says he did 300k worldwide, cuz that shit makes absolutely no fucking sense. He only sold 10k in the UK, where the hell did he get an extra 200k albums? Some people here are obviously just talking out of their ass.

  • Fuck Ya Life

    This the nigga that always brags about goin gold in week and now he’s coming in short of hittin 100 thou. Sales fell way the fuck off, but shit he had a decent album.

  • BK’s Father

    what the fuck!?
    who were the dumb fucks who spent their money on that shit!?
    anyways, no hate. Congrats Chuckie.

  • Fuck Ya Life


    Them niggas goin off what Game said on twitter probably.

  • Reef

    Lol at the pic…as much blue as possible..

  • j-rad

    wait what ? how did the red album ousted wtt ?
    wtt sold 400k first week ?!?!

  • Benzo550

    Who cares if your number 1 and you don’t sell 100k on a major. You clowns are saying 400k is a flop for wtt! What is this the end!

  • PrincePolo

    thats not bad actually . i thought about 60 at best . and i don’t think red should be compared to bisd sales . fif had bigger promo , plus as hard as it is to say , fif wouldn’t make 100 k in us with the shit hes making the last few months . he got some hype for those freestyles , but thats it . its long gone now

    rapradar let me speek god damn it !!!!

  • M.T

    Congrats to game. The R..E.D Album was a good album. Right now its:
    Watch The Throne> The R.E.D Album> Tha Carter IV

  • GTO

    Who say/s he actually sold that much.

    *)% of those sales are itune and he get 10 cents an album.

    New number one my ass

    We love your wine
    we love your cars
    and we love your corrupt mafia

    lil wayne say/s president carter and the rest say nothing to corrupt all of them

  • Sudija

    # 1 yeah

  • no way

    Tha Carter IV is projected to sell 700 – 850k ?? what the fuck ?can

  • lol

    number one is a joke. u can sell 20k and be number one if no one else competes that week.

    So what exactly is number one worth? it’s like being called supervisor/manager at Burger King and still get paid $7.50 hourly.

  • Benzo550

    Lax did 239k and came in 2 I would take that over 97k and say I have a number cd for a week he will be lucky to sell 500k in a year with this one!

  • Sonny Carsons Son

    Games needs to just focus on music. Fuck beef and all the other bi-polar shit he does. It hindered his career too much. He’s proven he can make dope music time and time again. Congrats on the #1 album is dope bottom line.

    Carter 4 is ass with hemroids and baby’s dried up nut in it.

  • pap3rchazer

    congrats but Game cant be happy with himself when he purposely had to had to push back his album after wtt n before C4 n spend the entire week on twitter begging his 600k followers to buys 2 red albums for a follow back lol.

  • the crown

    @benz550 stop hating number 1 is number 1and he’ll still go gold.

  • Sonny Carsons Son


    You can’t comment. Ferrari Boys went triple treebark!

  • Benzino550

    RED > WTT >>> C4

    if u cant se that, then go buy another copy of C4 lmao

  • flamaaa

    dope shit…. real rap album

  • Dope

    He’ll hardly go gold with these first week numbers, the second week will probably be some 40-60K after that 30, 20, 15, 10.. and he’ll probably ending up at 300K total.

  • MadMike0082

    I listened to it front to back and ……. I just dont get why he cant do the same style that made him famous. HIS FUCKING STYLE! Not the “oh its a premo beat so let me sound eeeeexactly like Nas on this one…”

    And the fucking name droppin is just out of control on this record. 10 times what it ever was before. I was such a huge fan of game… I even bought his DVD’s way back in the day but wtf man?

    IF I wanna hear all these peoples styles he copies they got plenty of way better music for me to listen to. Its just sad man….. When I see a video of him I feel like im looking at one of those people you know or work with or whatever that you all know is just full of shit! He just seems so fucking fake now….

  • Benzo550

    @the carsons son number 1 will not pay any bills for am artist they want to sell as much as they can! Ask him if his happy with 97k!

  • flamaaa



    so u shud be satisfied by that – no homo

  • bylaw99

    the album is alright not all that..and he could of did without Dre un-needed ass!

  • fuck DRE

    Game had 2 dr dre joints aight…

    one called DEAD PEOPLE & the other called DOPE

    and the old faggot said aye Game i only got time to mix ONE song for u…. SMFH he was too busy workin on fagtox

    so Game chose DRUG TEST…. apparently DOPE & DEAD PPL were KRAZY

    #FUCKDRE for that…. RED still album of the year

  • Tucq

    Quit comparin WTT and RED’s sales! That’s Kanye & Jay TOGETHER, so how in the hell should he beat that? Game’s not as liked as those two in the public eye.

    But I do know that RED is a better album.

    The only thing innovative about WTT is the sound/music. And a couple of tracks like CHurch in the Wild

  • Bangers N Mash

    Good on him.

  • kimmige


  • Belize

    album is trash

  • King

    Congrats to Game….sales are low imo…still

  • King

    sad that a great album will have shitty sales….same happend with banks HFM2 was awesome imo…but he could hardly crack 100k…#HipHopIsDead

  • ripper

    97k is fucking pitiful…. Game just gave Jay more ammo to diss the fuck outta him n radio interviews… Game talks tough but c’mon mane…. u gotta sell way more than that!!! U r on Aftermath records…. Stop name dropping and bring more substance and maybe u will sell more….

  • Sonny Carsons Son

    ^ banks couldn’t crack 45k

  • King

    @ripper sadly he was never back on Aftermath…he was jus yelling aftermath cuz he was working back with dre who didnt have time for mixing 2 songs for Game….

  • King

    @Sonny Carsons Son m talking abt his total sales man

  • pap3rchazer

    @king naa you cant compare banks debut with game because banks had the balls n merit to debuted with ye, nicki, n neyo n he still did his #’s independently. chart ranking doesnt matter to me, if an artist can co-exist on the debut charts with another artist n still move numbers then thats saying something. remember when Game clown on 50’s 170K sells. well he debuted on 5 (#1 on hip hop charts tho) on the 200 charts but only behind Rihanna #1 n Justin Timberlake #3 n some rock band he couldve debut #1 a week before but he

  • King

    @pap3rchazer i agree with u man but Game had also a lot of bad publicity with that Uncle Otis track
    which was necessary imo…banks had a gr8 buzz at that time n should have dropped a week earlier n yes i respect banks nos for the fact that he was independent….RED nos a disappointing still happy as a fan for that no.1 spot!!

  • grillcheesefred

    LOL!! and if he didnt bribe ppl on twitter to buy his album he wouldve sold less. ima game but i didnt buy this album WAYYYYYYY too many features and ppl who say jay-z and kanye aint “real niggas” u cant be 40 and 34 n still hanging in the hood

  • NorthernIreland

    black shady u hav no life an ur fav rapper is white

  • Smh

    smfh.. I see everyone is congratulating game saying 91k is a good first week sales #.. But Do u remember when he said

    & if you REALLY wanna know the truth : to me, 50 album wasn

  • Sonny Carsons Son

    Let me clear this up once and for all. Banks was on EMI when dropped HFM2 a major label. EMI is a subsidiary of Sony Music been around for many decades. Im tired of people saying banks is independent. He had a somewhat bigger buzz and gold single Game had no hit single and hardly no buzz and countless pushbacks and still had a no. 1 album. Banks is wack. Pauly D will do more numbers than banks lmao!

  • wizzle


  • King

    @Sonny Carsons Son Banks was signed to EMI just for distribution of the album not as an artist hence his album as such didnt get any promotion…n plus 50 knew that HFM2 was way better than BISD so he also chose nt to promote it!!!

  • Sonny Carsons Son

    ^ Banks is a bum and im from N.Y. his album wasn’t underpromoted he had a hit single. He released at the wrong time and on the wrong day. He’s reduced to a mixtape mainstay.

  • Piko Fatal


  • Ricsipop

    WTT >C4 >RED

  • King

    ^ RED>WTT>C4

  • MUZiK

    Only 97 thousand? Damn that’s bad as hell! I was expecting 200k

  • ripper

    @Sonny Carsons Son, I don’t understand how u can put Banks record sales with Game’s overall sales. SMH!!! Banks is a good rapper but this dude Game’s thinks he is on the level of a Jay, Nas, Eminem, 50 Cents… If u think u r a top 5, then u need bring your fucking A-game instead of namedropping and biting styles. That’s my reason for saying Game’s 97k sales is fucking pitiful. Game stated on “the City” he’s in the top 5. I am from Los Angeles, actually about 15 minutes away from Compton, and I am disapointed n the Game’s album. He has no substance and it’s due to the name dropping all over the damn album.

  • ripper

    @King, tell yo boy Game to stop hollering Aftermath and Dre and make some quality music. Dr. Dre cannot help anyone… Look how long it’s taking him to bring Detox to the table…lol It don’t take 20 fucking years to drop Detox!!!

  • ripper

    @Muzik, well muthafucking said about the 97 thousand comment!!! I was hoping Game would at least crack 250-300k. Shit, u got Lil Wayne cracking 750-800k with the Farter IV which has no fucking substance as well just decent punchlines.

  • Tru Talk

    C’mon we all know 97k is NOT GOOD AT ALL for Game…. first album was like 500K, second was around 320K, third was 225K and now….. 97K? lol Stop lyin to yourselves

  • Tru Talk

    Even though I jus ripped these sales I will say R.E.D is way better than Carter IV… its funny how Carter is gonna sell 8x this

  • zezzoi

    ” I was able to step away from music for some much needed personal time with my family”

    by that does he mean his album got pushed back 2 years cause his music sucked? and he needed like 500 features to actually make a decent album?

    RED album is cool, but c’mon jayceon, we aint stupid.

  • TJP

    How did this top WTT? WTT sold 436,000 copies in its first week. Last time I checked, 436,000>97,879.

  • c

    game time!!! Album of the year. Much better than watch the throne

  • frank


  • Sin


  • AOP

    Condoleezza Rice throwing signs


  • ripper

    @ Sin, well said… I am from Los Angeles and I am not really into the Game due to his name dropping. I cannot get over the name dropping crap he drops… he is a decent rapper with no substance whatsoever… #1 album selling 97k is fucking pitiful I swear. All the tough talk is gonna get him ether by Jay Z… He name drops too damn much… Fuck a 500 bars, spit some real verses without mentioning the whole rapgame….

  • spazzz

    @Tucq, what the hell you talkin about? “jay &kanye TOGETHER” ?, so thats why they sold that much? jay-z could drop a solo album, and still move 436k. ….dont get me wrong RED is dope but i guess i just dont like game because he talks too much and he’s a attention whore

  • Mr.420

    All you guys stfu with the “97k Oh its flop Hah” The Game didnt even had that much hype 97k is dope congrats! With the U.S not buying albums anymore & bootlegging right now its hard. You guys are pathetic who makes fun of him like that im not even like a fan of him & his album is better than C4.

  • King

    Cut the hate guys!!

  • Yea, this is the best album of the year. Certified Classic if you ask me.

  • Derty Kevin

    .Album sales being what they are today, 97K is typical for Game.

  • Weezy F F Baby, And The F F Is For Fucking Faggot!!

    Lol, he told everyone to buy the album 3 times and then he will follow them on Twitter. Still he only gets 97k.
    That’s to much flop