Meek Mill Holds “Ima Boss (Remix)”

A month ago, Meek revealed that his “Ima Boss (Remix)” was going to feature an all-star line up. The song has yet to drop but Meek tells VIBE that he’s delaying it with hopes of getting T.I.

“If I hold the ‘I’ma Boss’ remix long enough I might throw Tip on that. Have him get out to the hottest song of the year,” he told VIBE a few weeks before Tip’s release. “He ain

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  • Rap’s Radar

    That’s a real artist there. Salute to Meek

  • jermz dash

    A Snitch, A C.O, N A Cop Shooter On 1 Record..#2011RAP

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  • still best rite now!!

    this nigga has officially made it….cuz i just saw him on the front of a bag of Honey BBQ Rap Snacks at the gas station. ha!

  • CaliSteppin

    If T.I. gets on it he will have the best verse. Yes that includes Hov

  • Shiz

    Those Philly boys are big on loyalty. Beans would have done it for Hov, but we know how all that turned out. That’s true loyalty when Meek Mill still shows love to his former boss even though T.I. once had beef with Ricky Rozay.

  • thatsGSB

  • 3rdRail

    And that, is real nigga sh*t…

  • BluntBlowin

    And that, is tryna build the hype up. Props to this ugly nigga, put philly on the map.

    Meek Mill>>>>>J. Cole

  • BluntBlowin_

    This site is gay, stop blocking usernames ya feel me.

  • MadMike0082

    How the fuck is Ima Boss the hottest song of the year!??!?! LOL

    Open your eyes nigga! Is that shit even charting top 200?? Fuck old ass dead FM radio if thats how you judge a popular song.

  • Ricky Retardo

    RR really needs a reply button in here. but ima Boss was tearing up Urban Radio charts this summer. a remix might stretch this pass labor day sooo chop chop nigga! get to entertaining these white folks get ta dancin nigga!

  • fuck

    real nigga shit

  • RealHipHopBack

    baby, swizz and diddy all suck dick. kinda looking forward to jay’s verse but thats pretty much it…..

  • phillybred

    @shiz.. niggas here big on loyalty who we roll wit is who hold down..but alotta niggas see beans as bein bitter an a snake, but jay n dame fucked every philly nigga they had on they roster.. then he said all niggas wanted to b was soldiers.. as a way to shift the blame on sig, yeah he done some dumb shit.. but still if a nigga was loyal he still shouldve held him down better then he did.. sn: he save hov ass.. when kiss was breathin down hov neck..

  • Sho Nuff

    Real n*gga sh*t Meek…salute

  • Black Shady

    Da hell…Mill was signed to T.I ???? what loyalty yall niggaz talkin about
    im kinda lost…

  • Manana

    @blackshady yup meek was signed to tip first.
    Do ur hiphop history before commenting on hiphopsites .just makes u look naive and a new boody to this shit. Like the only reason u r interested in the culture is eminem.might as well switch ur name to black stan!

  • fuck it

    meek mill said he was never signed to TIP
    its in an interview…. but i aint searching that shit for u

  • Black Shady

    Manana says:
    Wednesday, August 31 2011 at 11:31 PM EST

    @blackshady yup meek was signed to tip first.
    Do ur hiphop history before commenting on hiphopsites .just makes u look naive and a new boody to this shit. Like

    yeah i dont know hip hop bcuz i didnt know Meek was signed to TIP ???
    what did he do when he was with tip? can u tell me that? yeah….

  • I’m from Philly & Know My Shit.

    Tip was about to sign Meek but they both got booked at the same time & tha slowed shit down, Meek got out before Tip, started fuckin w/ Ross when he performed in Philly & they recorded I’mma Boss it waas circulatin in philly for a GRIPPPP I’m talkin since like February something like that, & here we are at the MMG deal & The “I’mma Boss” RMX.


    t.i. isnt a boss, look at his label and crew, he only cares about himself and he a snitch

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  • your pusha

    the remix with T.i? that will be a great look,i cant wait! haters will be secretly looking forward to it aswell

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