• baern

    i fuck with grafh he a real street dude and he been doing his thing for a looooooooong time

  • Umpire

    1) Look what Jay and Kanye started with all the Throne/Rule shit lately.
    2) Grafh has always sounded like the southern Too $hort to me.
    3) Why am I ok with Raekwon and Bun B always sounding the same as they did on the last track? But I can’t deal with Busta or Snoop doing the same. I think its because Rae and Bun are still lyrically somewhere near where they were at their peak, while Busta and Snoop fall back on the recycled verses because they don’t know what to say anymore.

  • Umpire

    PS- I know Grafh is from New York, I’m just saying his style is pretty southern. Beats/flows/subjects.

  • Your mother’s “friend”

    Bun has no shame , i wonder how much he charges for a verse

  • DonRico

    I used to check for Graf big time after his first few KaySlay freestyles, and didnt mind the track with Stat Quo…but since then all uninspired garbage. For some reason, he slowed his flow waaaay down, and after giving this a listen – Im done

  • Converse

    @your mother

    Man gotta eat? I feel what youre saying tho. Atlest he stay loyal toward hiphop *shrug*

  • NYC