Bad Meets Evil Hell: The Sequel Hits Gold

Three months after its release, Bad Meets Evil’s debut Hell: The Sequel has earned the duo a gold plaque. Congrats! This marks Royce’s first and Eminem’s, well, at this point who can keep count? Ha!  Hell: The Sequel available now.

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  • BluntBlowin_

    In other news Wayne bout to sell amillie again.

    Take Care biittches

  • king of hiphop

    This is why nobody respects black people.. Black people don’t know how to act in public.. Always acting ignorant and you guys wonder why the black race is at the bottom of the list..

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  • BANG

    congrats BME

  • BM3 #1! Congrats! Shady’s day and year!

  • King

    wheres that black shady ??suprise theres no dick ridin

  • Word


    That shit projected to do 200k nigga

  • toad3527

    hey big homie, its an ep, not lp, get it right

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  • ^^^no.

  • dadankness

    Uh this was an extended play.. not an lp.. big diff.. to anyone who compares that shit to WTT.. both good in their own rights..

  • I’m In The Wrong Site

    BME….10 Tracks….GOLD….#1 Single
    WTT…..16 Tracks….GOLD
    Carter IV….21 tracks…..CARDBOARD

    Do The Math Fuck heads!!

  • toad3527

    co sign da dankness

  • Black Shady

    Black Shady just entered the building. dont worry my stans. im still around…

    another plaque for the team. shit them shits keep on coming. HA!

    SHADY 2011 baby!

  • Yup !



    Ha !

  • @Yup !

    @Yup ! , he is right. Wayne projections at 975K right now. Unbelievable, who buys that shitty album besides birdman

  • TheFuccccccck

    Congrats to Em and Royce but hell nah wayne aint goin plat again. 500k to 750 k was reasonable but 900k WTF?!?!?, YMCMB buying those records smh

  • USB

    Birdman will buy those shitty C4 dat’s why.

  • THATS AN EP!!!

    remember that this is just an EP and despite that they hit GOLD!!

  • Africa-Rules

    lil Gayne worst rapper & album of all time sell 950k
    Joke of the year

  • drakesucks

    wayne bout to sell a milli again?????????

    wow … im speechless …

  • 1234…

    Carter 4 – projected to sell 975 k first week, congrats BUT…

    Carter 3 – 1 milli first week total sales 3.6 milli.

    Recovery – 741k first week, 4 milli and counting.

  • KoldCase

    C4 wont sell more than recovery you can bank on dat recov sold 4 mili in the

    C3 sold 3. Something

    Wayne sells 700-900 first week

    Second week he sells 200-400

    Recov sold over 100k for 9 weeks


  • ITSDman

    i dont care what c4 sells wayne has kinda fell off “IM SO RICH U SHOULD CALL ME RICHARD” what? nigga really…

  • mac DIESEL




  • drakesucks

    i cant really hate on wayne since he put tech n9ne on his album, which makes him the first internationally known and successful rapper to do this … 1 milli c4 buyers mean +1 milli people who see the huge talent of tech n9ne! the sells are very useful for an independent artist like tech to get known in the game and i cant hate on that! c4 would be good without drake, shyne and the how to love/how to hate joints (which i deleted) but i can live with that …

  • Word

    Critics said the album was lukewarm

    Fans said the album was lukewarm…disappointing

    Sorry 4 the Wait was also universally panned by online critics on most hip hop blog sites

    WTT was CRITIALLY ACCLAIMED and DIDNT leak. Huge buzz off Otis, Twitter went HAM, how the fuck is C4 projected to double WTTs sales?

    I cant believe it, niggas really do buy anything is what that tells me. Wayne has had zero buzz, and besides that lame How To Love bullshit he hasnt really topped the charts like that. Shit got pushed back numerous times too. I dont get how that shit could possibly do 900k. These are just projections though.

    Kate Perry was projected to do HUGE numbers also, and she only turned in 134k. Sometimes these projections are fabricated to make fans buy the album and wanna push that shit to a Milli just because, but then it turns out to be 400k. I dont believe Wayne will do 900k…not until I check the projections on Sunday

  • RK

    WWT critically acclaimed? LOL nigga please stop lying too yourself

    How has this become about Wayne? Em and Royce go gold and all you pricks can talk about is Carter IV first week sales… If you don’t like Wayne’s music, don’t listen too it, simple. Clearly Wayne has an enormous number of fans who love his music, so instead of hating on his it, why don’t you just go and listen to artist who interest you. Far too much hate on this site.

  • Jkidd

    Obviously your helping Wayne and his album sales. This articles about royce da 5’9″ and em and yet all your talking about is wayne. Yall expect so much nothing about Tha Carter IV was trash, firat off the Tha Carter III was just an amazing album and on this he gave you a little bit of everything which is what a real Artist does and thats what he is, not just a Rapper a complete Artist who tries new things so if you dont like it nigga dont listen its plenty of ppl you can go and listen to. And btw while you say the Tha carter IV has no buzz or hits all the singles he released….”john” “how to love” 6’7″ ” and ” She will” all hit TOP 10 on the billboard top 100. Get your numbers straight while your hatin

  • Jan

    Oh give me a break! Carter 4 is great album, stop being a sheep dumb cunt!

    Anyway congrate Em and Royce.

  • Jkidd

    Btw watch the throne..really good album. Bad meets evil…..come on son, bunch of fresstyles good on eminems part shouldve been better put together. Lets stop hatin on C4 AND Take care haha

  • Black Shady

    ^ no it’s not!!! stop lying to yourself. shit sounds like a lil wayne mixtape…that he recorded in 5days. not that “dedication 2” type of mixtape either.

    nice weedplate

  • Awesome

    Damn, the EP went gold without any promotion.

  • bry guy Boston

    I love Jay & Kanye BUT!!!! WTT is one of the worst albums of all time. Jay is my fav alive but damn the production was trash and lyrics were the worst since Kingdom Come. BME may have been similar to a mixtape or freestyles but Em & Royce were great. Production & Lyrics were great.WTT was the worst Jay-Z album created. The buzz following WTT didnt come close to the albums outcome. What a joke.

  • M.T

    lol this is a eminem and royce post and all ppl can talk about is lil wayne. Hate or love it, lil wayne will do big numbers. You may think its trash but about 900,000 ppl dont. JUST GET OVER IT.

    Anyways Congrats to Eminem and Royce. This was an awesome EP. fav tracks were “Fast Lane” and “Take From Me”.

  • rodipipes

    So happy for royce! Well deserved!

  • Jaymalls

    lmao… that Bad Meets evil album had the 2nd highest promotional push this year for a Hip-Hop/Pop album, only 2nd to lil wayne’s Carter 4. Look the numbers up if you don’t believe me nigga… #ALLFACTS <- Stop living in Denial!!!

    @bry guy Boston
    "Worst of All Time" lol… then you gonna start of that erroneous statement with i LOVE Jay & Kanye??? Yea you a hater…. I can name over 50 albums that came out in the past 3 years that WTT was better than. If you a fan, you wouldnt dare say some stupid shit like that. You was better of just sayin you dont fuck wit these niggas and you aint feelin the album.

    P.S. How many people jumped on Instrumentals from BME and now how many people jumped on Instrumentals from WTT??? Yea thats what i thought…. more people jumped on that Otis beat for that matter. Get ya facts straight, Eminem himself would concur!

  • @M.T

    I can’t tell you how many people I’ve talked to that bought the Carter 4, and came back saying “….eh”. Dude has been promoting this album for 3 years now, of course it’s gonna sell well when it first drops. But make no mistake, this will be the death album for Lil Wayne. It’s stale and highly disappointing, and the more people that spend money on it, the more people will be reluctant to support him again. 900,000 people are expected to buy the album, that doesn’t mean ANY of them will be happy with it.

    “#thingsbetterthanthecarter4” was trending globally on twitter a couple days ago. The entire world is turning against Lil Wayne.

  • M.T

    ^whatever u need to tell yourself.

  • Untrue

    @So Icy Boi

    1) FALSE
    2) FALSE
    3) FALSE

    You’re on a roll!

  • So Iсу Boi!

    How To Love – alternative rock
    6 Foot 7 Foot – hardcore rap
    Get A Life – blues-rock
    Paradice – grunge
    Lollipop – soul
    Shoot Me Down – alternative hip hop
    Tie My Hands – R&B/hip hop soul
    Nightmares Of The Bottom – Jazz poetry
    Im Not A Human Being – rap-rock
    Mrs. Offica – jazz-rap
    The Price Is Wrong – punk rock
    Prom Queen – heavy metal

    Wayne a true legend. mad respect. swag

  • so C4 bout to shit on BME WTT and RED in one week

  • Awesome

    LOL. How did it become the 2nd highest promotional push for hip hop? Em and Royce never intended to make an album, let alone an EP. They just recorded songs. Then Em didn’t know what to do those so he was like fuck it, why not just make an EP. He didn’t promote like he did with RECOVERY. ‘Fast Lane’ got leaked, which then became an official. When comparing Hell The Sequel with the rest of Eminem’s album, it had no promotion! But since its Eminem, a living legend, and whatever he puts out turns into gold, no pun intended, it will sell like brownies and it will get promotion without even promoting it.

  • Da truthhhhhhhh

    most of the sales went here in stead of success, should take some of this money and market the success album.

  • B

    What is this dude talking about. Stop making up sh-t. “THE SECOND MOST PROMOTED RECORD OF ALL TIME”? U SOUND REAL DUMB!. First of all u know your lying. Secondly u dummy’s know they just threw it out there all most strictly on the internet spontaneously. The only record that’s being promoted heavy as of recently is lighters and it just started getting heavy rotation. Lighters is platinum by the way. Anybody who likes Lil Wayne who kisses men in the mouth, looks like a f-kin weirdo, has a unbearable voice, in an idiot and most definitely does not know hip hop.

  • Are u serious??

    @so icy boy…. Ahhahaha I don’t think anyone will ever take you serious again, not like they did before, but that was one of the stupidest things I’ve ever heard. Just making shit up makes u look ridiculous. Carter 3 sold like 1.2 mil in first week and finished with about 3.5 total, Marshall mathers lp sold 1.78 mil first week, and is over 10 mil and counting, which would make it the best selling rap album of the decade, fuckin idiot…

  • Hurricane312

    So icy boi is a retard, y’all know it’s true

  • Converse

    Lets be real? Feminem name is what helped it push that amount? Royce maybe 20,000? Still dope tho

    C4>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>name another rapper to put Nas, Tech and 3k on lp

  • biggiesmalls

    WTT criticaly acclaimed? Are you joking? Crappy rhymes by two retards (one who thinks sun is going around earth….) on shitty sampled beats stolen from real artist.

    Please dont joke.

  • Congrats to Royce He deserves it.

  • NC all Day

    Hell Fuckin Yeah

  • Awesome

    ^ LOL.

    Nas’s verse > C4 + Lil Wayne’s discography

  • Hip Hop DX

    ^ LOL.
    Nas’s verse and Tech’s verse > C4 n dwaynes discography

  • Chris

    @Jkidd “John” NEVER hit the top 10 in Billboard! DO YOUR RESEARCH BEFORE TELLING OTHERS TO DO THEIR RESEARCH. It peaked at 22…. Top 10 my ass. and 6 Foot 7 Foot barely peaked at 9.
    “How To Love” and “She Will” have peaked high though…. BECAUSE THEY’RE POP SONGS.

  • Jimmy

    BY FAR the best lyrical duo out. jay and kanye are no match and wayne and drake….well….yeah…shouldnt even be mentioned with EM and Royce. They run it.

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  • Rocco

    Eminem Is The Best rapperhink alive ? is he what do you t

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  • props to my niggas on the best ep of the year hands down

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